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  1. Calimo
    Calimo Armageddon
    Armageddon .... One of the few that would always really make me sweat in 1v1 Legion duels...
    Hope you're doing well man, I know we never chatted much, but fighting against people like you is one of the reasons why I miss that game so much.
    1. Armageddon
      Yeah man those were always good times, Seeing you join a server i knew who i was going to try and go after since you weren't always on but still top tier.
      I'm doing alright i guess, house, wife, two kids .boring.
      I bumped into Nept on the PlanetSide Arena reddit, seems like a bunch of them and some older T1 guys are going to get into that, might wanna look into that if you're still gaming.
      Good too see you around :)
      Jan 3, 2019
  2. wristfracture
    removed from midair discord for complaining to aussie moderator about identity theft imo.
  3. catab dullah
  4. Saviour
    [VGTV] [VGA]
  5. eXTCy
    hehe xd
  6. fredritadr
  7. dienasty
    dienasty lencorp
    thanks for the vid links
  8. Pumpelche
    Pumpelche Whitewhale
    D.U. - unftly not. Will take time, I know, but still! Cya ingame.
  9. Whitewhale
    I live in Australia man ! Or are u down under ?
  10. Pumpelche
    Pumpelche Whitewhale
    Mate, offer stands. You're around, we'll have a sit-together. Cheers!
  11. SeymourGore
    SeymourGore TylerMarket
    where's our damned keychains!?
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  12. Apollyon
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    2. Swordfish
      I feel like the Sunday streams I've been wanting to do would be perfect for this, to accommodate multiple time zones/availabilities. Once I get back online at my house, I'll be diving into events just like this. Checkout my VODs for some casted pugs, as I've done a few quick casts on some of my shows. Thanks for the input!
      Oct 20, 2017
  13. LM SpydeR
    LM SpydeR Jordan
    Hey Jordan, looking to get my back roll added on discord. I was told to ask you? My name on discord is;

    S p y d e R
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    2. Jordan
      Seems like someone already got it. You're all good!
      Oct 8, 2017
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  14. mandymorsh
  15. morganmori
  16. oahra
  17. dienasty
    dienasty Wulfen
    hey ---

    i was ^i^ Bahram & also TWAN| (forget which name i had hotblack, fedelio, phanatikal, or dienasty) .... you ever hear from any of the other guys?
  18. dienasty
    dienasty TTHREAZ
    hey =)

    i use to play w/ lagless (Lunchmoney) .. You still keep in touch w/ fozzy & lostangel i take it... you ever hear from Excal or Flyguy by chance? whatever happen to Miss Jess?
  19. dienasty
    dienasty daltwisney
    Dalt you old dog.. you're memory is slipping ;P you joined GDL for T2 base ctf (unless you went to SES after GDL exploded to our loss to VOID)

    GDL Phanatikal
  20. MintCoffee
    Got you spooked