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An Idea?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gryp, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. Gryp

    Gryp Instant Access

    There are many people within this community that love making videos, maybe the community should create a series of videos that might explain how the game works? It might encourage new players to stick around.
  2. ColonelBlair

    ColonelBlair Member

    There's a few videos like this... maybe not an all encompassing one.
    It's too late now though imo. Unless something happens and the game can be relaunched... the player base isn't going to grow.
  3. fluxx

    fluxx New Member

    I've been thinking of doing this tbh. There are a number of videos out there, some go in-depth but I think a solid, coherent collection would actually help the player base grow.

    I see a lot of new players join the servers. They play a few rounds then they are gone, never to be seen again. A few, who seem to learn for themselves quickly, stick around.

    My thought is to approach it as someone who has never played FPS-Z. For us vets, we're so accustomed to the play style we forget how confusing it can be to have a handle on what's going on around us. Where is the flag, where's it going, what is my team doing and why are they doing it?

    I'm confident in my video editing to do this, but personally, not a fan of my own voice for commentary.
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  4. dienasty

    dienasty Member

    not sure how many people would seek out a how to play .. before /after playing the game. (if it was integrated into the game , than maybe, but not an outside video) .
    Anythings worth a shot though.

    IMHO, I think between a decent tutorial (and a slower starting game ... as much as I hated T2 at start, I think that allowed new players to come in and get acclimated .
    T:V & T:A also simplified the game enough that new people could easily pick it up. (again not exactly what I wanted out of the game (back then) ... and both still needed some adjustments to be better)
  5. LilysHate

    LilysHate New Member

    there is a sayin "the story is known.... the horse is injured.... and the gun wont fire."
    a lot was said (and much more was created) on Tribes!
    there is a good drawing explaining the game phisycs (that one had me hooked years ago).
    you guys remember those night over nights (or days over days) of thinking and imagining, just before going to sleep, "how should, and would, ill play tomorrow"?
    I remember days I couldent wait to get home and run tribes. I remember sleeping eating and sh!tting on it.
    now that you are all in the mood:

    I see 2 problems here:
    1st one is the graphics. I mean.. come on... (when I see the TA Fusion Mortar, I remember the song "nothing compare to you" by sinead O'Connor).
    2nd there are good promotions for the game over the web, some are really mind blowing, PROBLEM IS... their all about TRIBES!!!! _ so how can I sweet and honey talk a person with TRIBES... and then send him to Midair? _ (believe me I tried, I felt like a con man, still do).

    game needs some serious cosmetics of loadouts and most of all the explosions!
    then, we need to post some wit words about the game and its gameplay.
    the POTENTIAL Is here, we just need a good tool to spread it.

    or should I just delete this post and write:



    Midair ``~_ Its A Way of Life _~``!
    im to old to talk and realty say (on top of it being a way of life) that in the end its just a game, but to say it like Im saying it, you gotta game far enough in your life.
    I read people say midair and tribes like it was just another game, even some disc players talking about it like it was just another STEAM side-line game.

    are there any old players here who remember this game being a BIBLE?
    I know some 46 years people that played midair and went back to tribes (just for the nostalgy) and they say: "once I got my moves back.... it was like the game is still in my hart and mind". they said thaey had some good matches and those triggered the same emotions from decades ago!

    you know what im talking about.

    edit: gotta ad that tribes is the best.
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