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Any call-ins in the game? Its a Game Changer

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Vile_Yuliya, Mar 30, 2018.

  1. Vile_Yuliya

    Vile_Yuliya New Member

    hi friends, I'm new here, old tribes player (very old), got few hr' to kill per day so I got nostalgic and googled the past. I found Midair.
    game looks Terrific. I tired TibesAscend but its full of cheaters (gotta say my hand & eye needs some polish).
    on topic, are there any call-ins in midair? I haven't seen any on videos.

    Call ins were a game changer!
    When one group was confident about the win.... a player would call in a mega strike from million miles away to rain on the base and just before the 100% win...... its turnning tables and everything is open and the game get additional time.
    Man..... those call-ins were .... game changers.

    thank you.

    Good Luck and Fortune with the game.
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  2. ColonelBlair

    ColonelBlair Member

    Call ins were only a T:A thing, and were eventually removed I believe as they were considered very cheap and unskillful.

    I think they might've been good to keep on the low level servers, and maybe limit each team to one use of the orbital strike per match (and only able to be triggered by a randomly assigned player)... but whatever.

    I don't think we need them in Midair, and haven't seen any other people asking for it. If we're lucky enough that modding becomes a possibility down the track that would be something more exciting to see.
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  3. Vile_Yuliya

    Vile_Yuliya New Member

    LOW LEVEL....? idk know where you from or how you played tribes...

    Imagine no enemy at your base, time runs out, score is 3:3.
    your teammate just picked up the flag and he's going to make it and give you the win of 4:3.
    Now just as he reaches the flag radius.... a showering hell of explosions is raining down and kills everyone in that radius... except....
    the light fusor that was on his tail and now can return the flag and match will go on...

    low level.... ? idk... I played a lot of pro matches with the above..... "dident mater" if you won or lose.... everyone APRICIATED the power of 3rd level call=in.
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  4. KindaGamey

    KindaGamey Instant Access

    I remember being very disgusted with T:A when they introduced orbital attacks - along with pinpoint accuracy for machine guns it was moving everything closer to that COD-model that seemed so destructive to me in terms of competitiveness and the fomenting of bad attitudes. I can see why the devs did it (to undo bases becoming impenetrable turret/mine farms), but I didn't like it on principal. If someone discs me I know I did something wrong. If I die from a light in the sky, eh, not very satisfying or educational.
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  5. Vile_Yuliya

    Vile_Yuliya New Member

    not educational?
    well I disagree.
    also, you remember that you needed 10000pts to actually be able to use the orbital strike, and it took 5 sec from clicking to actual beaming... so one needed to be calculated.
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  6. cargo shorts

    cargo shorts New Member

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  7. Gorthaur

    Gorthaur Instant Access

    This type of game I believe is more about skill and teamwork, not randomly getting easy kills. Casual games like call of duty that are easy to join and get a bunch of kills are just fundamentally different. They are like gambling. Win a few rounds, lose a few rounds. Skill plays a part in it but so much is up to chance. It is much harder to get good at a high skill ceiling game but the satisfaction you get from it is also much higher. When you go back and play something casual it feels empty. I believe a reason this type of game is being made is because high skill ceiling games are more rare these days than in the past. If you are interested in chaos and explosions everywhere I think there are countless other games you can find on the market. Battlefield, Call of Duty, Destiny, Overwatch etc. What you liked so much about not knowing what will happen in a game and the last second flag returns and saves is present in the game. You just have to play with people that are competent. There will be lots of e-grabs and last second saves and crazy flag returns, but it will be because someone put in months or years of practice and did something with amazing skill, positioning, and communication, not because they pointed a laser for 5 seconds.

    Call-ins are completely imbalanced. You can be sniping at your base, dominating the defense and then a split second later destroy the entire enemy defense by pointing a laser at it from your spawn tower. There is basically no counter. You are forced to run away or die. Or you can cap the flag and clear the flag yourself with an orbital strike, fulfilling the entire function of the offense as a single player. Say goodbye to teamwork and multiple roles. You make everyone else on your team redundant. Vehicles on the other hand can provide a similar function but can also be countered in several ways. The bomber for example is only available in base CTF with higher player counts. You can destroy them with missiles or other vehicles or keep the enemy base down to deny access. They also take more time, skill and teamwork to pilot and bomb as opposed to a single person pointing a laser. All of the tools are already there. If you want to blow up the enemy base you have to put yourself in danger and ski over there in heavy or get a bomber crew together.
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  8. Nastyhobbit

    Nastyhobbit Moderator Staff Member

  9. dienasty

    dienasty Member

    I think call ins were interesting ... although the way there were handled in T:A was more for shit & giggles than actually thought through..
    unfortunately i doubt it'll show up in any form in this game.
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  10. SADDAM

    SADDAM Member

    Be the call-in you want to see; Hop in a bomber with a pal.

    More of a game for everyone involved - the enemy can actually counter you, and at the same time you're not limited to slow cooldowns - Fun & fair for everyone.
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