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Event 'Bring Your Own 5' LCTF Tournament - Signup and Recruitment thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Swordfish, Dec 8, 2017.

  1. MissBitch69

    MissBitch69 New Member

    LOL. I hate to ask to change my team name again. But we have came to a conclusion the name is not quite right. You catch my drift. TIA we want to change it to OG| it stand for the "Other Guys"
  2. ramses0

    ramses0 Member

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  3. ramses0

    ramses0 Member

    [logo removed]
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  4. Dose

    Dose Alpha Access

    nice work man, thanks for helping everyone get a game!
  5. ramses0

    ramses0 Member

  6. chemdawg

    chemdawg Private Tester

    thank you @ramses0 nice work! i had this logo made already though[​IMG]
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  7. Moose

    Moose Private Tester

    Again nice work ramses0, we also had a logo made already!

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  8. ramses0

    ramses0 Member

    Awesome @ Item-9 and T+ peeps... I'll pull the ones I did down then, don't want any confusion. It'd be great if there were a little more organized way of coordinating some of this stuff though. :-/

    Currently I'm not tracing logos for PUBr (team name change), Tier4.5 (already have logo), Flamboyant (OMFG, lots of curves unless I get clearance that they'll actually use the logo), ReKtM (haven't seen/heard if they're cool w/ this logo or had a different idea) ... see roughs at this link if you have opinons / requests -
  9. japes

    japes Private Tester

    @Swordfish lets get that signup date extension and start some ruleset/map pool talks!
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  10. DÆMAN

    DÆMAN Private Tester

    Hey Ramses, don't worry about my team. I have a ReKtM logo in the works.
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  11. Descolada

    Descolada Private Tester

    please add blakk to :cloud: :gun: thx
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  12. jti261

    jti261 Member

    Introducing another team called, "The Best"​


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  13. jti261

    jti261 Member

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  14. shazb3d

    shazb3d Instant Access

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  15. chemdawg

    chemdawg Private Tester

    updated logo without the potleaf[​IMG]
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  16. slush

    slush Private Tester

    stoners guna lose cus weed is illegal and its a performance enhancing drug. CHEATERS
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  17. ramses0

    ramses0 Member


    OG's & 69's... I can't find that black and green logo you did up.

    New Entrants... (squid/egg/captain/ice) and rektm ... lemme know if you want me to randomly do up logos for you or what your ideas were.

    Also if you want any of the art / original files for this stuff, lemme know. It's all SVG / Inkscape (free programs) if want to edit anything or use part of it as a base.

  18. Wildefyr

    Wildefyr Instant Access

    I am now a free agent, looking to join another team, preferably one where I can help coach newer/returning players. Message me on discord.
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  19. DÆMAN

    DÆMAN Private Tester

    ReKtM's Logo and tag: [✼]


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  20. jti261

    jti261 Member

    Is it supposed to look like a bum hole having explosive diarrhea? RektM
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