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Event Casting and Streaming opportunity

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Swordfish, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Swordfish

    Swordfish Event Coordinator Staff Member

    Due to an unforeseen amount of signups for the 'Bring Your Own 5' LCTF tournament, I am looking for more casters and possibly streamers to cover as many of the games as we can.

    If you have any interest in casting or streaming the event, please either post here or contact me in Discord.
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    BOSSDOGGxXx Private Tester

    I got a few messages asking me to cast, if you are short on people I could probably do this if needed. I have casted before and some people like my monotone delivery and complete lack of excitement whatsoever. If you need a backup or whatever I do not mind contributing assuming nothing comes up the weekend of the tournament. I have not casted in awhile so I am probably even worse than I was in T2 which would be saying quite a bit.
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  3. Whitewhale

    Whitewhale Instant Access

    I could cast but not stream

    I’m told my voice is eerily similar to a sirens song mixed with a v8 running on bourbon
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  4. ramses0

    ramses0 Member

    I've been working on a broadcast format / setup and trying to figure out a way to switch between the overview 3rd person that I've been running, but have a different person casting at the same time (maybe with both of us on a tape delay or something?) providing a varying first-person perspective, commentary or no, and you don't have to be good, just willing to try and figure it out (it's my first time doing stuff like this).

    0m0s - beginning
    24m30s - middle
    54m30s - end / credits

    ...I'm usually on after ~6-7pm PST, live in SF/South-Bay if somebody lives close by and wants to try and come over "in-person" and figure all this out, or willing to mess around with different low-latency screen-share options (or trying to get two high-latency streams sync'ed up?)
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  5. Wildefyr

    Wildefyr Instant Access

    If anyone is sure that they are going to be casting/streaming games, it will be great if you are able to record the games and put them on YouTube after, or failing that, stream to Twitch at best possible quality and then remember to export to YouTube.

    Only reason I say this is because the last tourney we had everyone forget about making sure there were VoDs available afterwards and as such all that remains of that tourney is one match that I managed to cast that is here if you want a semi-nostalgic throwback to earlier days of Midair.
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  6. ramses0

    ramses0 Member

    Midair - BYO5 - 2018-01-28 - 11:23PST - BYO5 - Item9 v RedShirts

    Midair - BYO5 - 2018-01-28 - 12:49PST - CloudGun v Tier4 5 1of3

    Midair - BYO5 - 2018-01-28 - 13:14PST - CloudGun v Tier4 5 2of3

    Midair - BYO5 - 2018-01-28 - 13:40PST - CloudGun v Tier4 5 3of3

    Midair - BYO5 - 2018-01-28 - 14:15PST - Rekt v The Best 1of2

    Midair - BYO5 - 2018-01-28 - 14:26PST - Rekt v The Best 2of2

    Midair - BYO5 - 2018-01-28 - 14:52PST - Rekt v Omelette
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