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Closed Beta RC2 0.27.1 Patch Notes

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Midair News, Aug 20, 2017.

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    Last patch we added a lot of great new content, but we also introduced some new issues. We were going to hold back on releasing a patch until we had more done, but due to the critical issues like the persistent crashing and missing projectiles we decided to release this pseudo-hotfix. I say “pseudo” because there are plenty of improvements not related to those issues included in this build.

    In Closed Beta RC2 0.27.1 we fix several of the most impactful issues while also improving the stability of the build and introducing several quality of life fixes that improve the game experience overall. We’re getting close to a final build for Closed Beta but you can expect at least one more patch before we launch this Friday.

    Build 0.27.1 Patch Notes

    Bug Fixes

    • Projectiles should no longer disappear while flying in front of clouds
    • Fixed game crash related to weapon reload animations
    • Fixed game crash upon joining servers during map transitions
    • There are no longer double footsteps playing while in third person
    • Fixed issue where players would sometimes get an invisible chaingun after placing a deployable
    • Fixed issue where pressing a number key while changing a loadout name would switch to that loadout
    • Fixed issue where players would lose hit and kill sounds while playing for extended periods of time
    • Chaingun audio should no longer cut out while continuously firing
    • Fixed issue where reload sounds would continue playing after you had switched weapons or died
    • Pack pickups that are dropped on player death or evacuate will now remain vertical instead of landing slanted
    • Sentinel turrets should now properly fire at enemies in all placement scenarios
    • The railgun no longer applies full damage at all energy levels at certain ranges
    • Mid-match voting notification no longer fades away when the chat box fades away
    • Mid-match vote UI will no longer persist if an admin changes the map during the map vote
    • The blue-side generator spectator camera on CTF-Massive is no longer in the middle of a field
    • Fixed main menu loadout screen issue where players couldn’t modify Rabbit and Arena loadouts because their buttons were cut off
    Art and Animations

    • Adjusted railgun position
    • Adjusted chaingun position
    • Changed Light model’s loadout preview pose
    • Brightened loadout preview to make the loadout UI elements easier to read
    • Updated Blaster reload animation

    • “Show” console commands have been disabled to avoid issues with players using them to gain an advantage on other players
    • Removed chat window from main menu
    • Base Sensor hitboxes were increased to better match the visuals
    • Made a quick update to the Engineer pack UI to better match the in-game UI
    • Added the ability to spectate using a gamepad
    • Vehicle pad IFF is now the fighter icon and can be seen through walls, helping players find the vehicle pad more easily
    • Added notification when attempting to shoot invulnerable assets
    • The Kill Feed now shows up to 12 characters of a player’s name (increased from 10)

    • Updated Evacuate sound
    • Updated Railgun reload sounds
    • Updated Blaster reload sounds to match with new animations
    • Updated Fighter and Bomber engine sounds

    • Iratus: Terrain adjustments to make the map more friendly to ground vehicles
    • Howling Spires: Terrain adjustments to make the map more friendly to ground vehicles
    • Deserted Sands: Fixed various terrain seams, added a base tower
    • Added loading screen images to most maps missing them (except Tenebris, you sly boots)
    • Fixed various issues with CTF-FrozenLines, which has been re-added to the map rotation for official servers
    Known Issues

    • Mana cracks on CTF-Verdant have broken texturing as of this build

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