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Console Command Reference Thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Wildefyr, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. Wildefyr

    Wildefyr Instant Access

    To open the console hit the 'grave' key right next to '1' on nearly all keyboard layouts. Hit it again to open the more traditional drop down console. To navigate command history use the up and down keys. Page up, Page Down, Home and End keys all work on this screen. When you start typing a command you can hit Tab to autocomplete it, or hit Tab again go to next autocomplete if there is one.

    Note: One may wish to use the CTRL-f feature of their browser to find relevant commands.


    Example: exec main.cfg

    Execute text file of console commands. Looks in [STEAMFOLDER]\Steam\steamapps\common\Midair\Midair\Binaries for named file to execute. Not listed in autocomplete.

    Alternative: quit - Not listed in autocomplete.

    Exit the game to desktop. Pretty useful because to exit when you are currently in a server, you have to first exit the server and then the game using the GUI, which is slow and cumbersome.

    Exit the current server. Not listed in autocomplete.

    Rejoin last server exited from. Requires you to have joined a server and exited from it first. Not listed in autocomplete.

    FOV [float]
    Default: 100
    Example: FOV 120

    Currently the only way to set field of view in Midair. For some reason you will respawn if you are currently alive ingame.

    Mouse SHOW
    Shows current mouse DPI, mouse sensitivity, and calculated mouse turnrate in inches. Note: you will have to open the drop down console to see the output.

    Mouse Invert=[OFF/ON]
    Default: OFF
    Example: Mouse Invert=ON

    Turn mouse inversion on like in a flight simulator.

    Mouse DPI=[int]
    Default: 400
    Example: Mouse DPI=800

    Note: this does not actually change your mouse DPI ingame, only useful for setting the correct DPI for Midair to calculate the correct turndist and possibly sensitivity with.

    Mouse Sens=[float]
    Example: Mouse Sens=23.52342

    Enter mouse sensitivity. Higher number means you will have to move your mouse more to achieve the same distance ingame.

    Mouse Turndist=[float]
    Example: Mouse Turndist=6.5

    Set mouse turn distance in inches. Useful to keep the same turn distance between different first person shooters.

    open [gametype]-[mapname]​

    Example: open LCTF-Minora
    Alternative: ServerTravel

    Allows you to open a local server with specified map. Unfortunately there is no console command to join someone else's local server.

    Predict [float]​

    Default: 150
    Example: predict 100

    Allows you to set a maximum ping value for lag compensation to work. Set to 1 to effectively disable lag compensation. Do not set to 0 or else Midair will crash.

    ChangeTeam [int]
    Values: 0 (team red), 1 (team blue), 255 (toggles)
    Example: ChangeTeam 0

    Changes team you are currently on.

    Toggle between spectate mode and playing.

    Hide all hud elements except chat element, but it will turn transparent automatically after a few seconds of no activity. Doesn't affect 'stat fps'.

    Hide all hud elements except chat element, reticle, and all IFF's. Unfortunately doesn't remove the text info at the bottom right. Doesn't affect ingame frame rate counter.

    Stat fps​

    Toggle ingame frame rate counter.

    Stat UNIT
    Toggle the time spent for the current frame on the CPU (Frame), the time spent in the game thread (Game), the time spent in the render thread (Draw, and the time spent for the current frame on the GPU (GPU).

    Visual representation of 'stat UNIT', is also colour coded.

    Takes screenshot of current camera. Screenshot is saved to:

    Removes all 2D HUD elements except text info at the bottom right so I recommended to use 'ShowHUD' beforehand.

    HighResShot [int] / [width x height]​

    Example: HighResShot 2

    Takes high resolution shot. Screenshot is saved to:

    UE4 documentation. Unable to be used with Temporal AA, see r.DefaultFeautre.AntiAliasing. Removes all 2D HUD elements except text info at the bottom right so I recommended to use 'ShowHUD' beforehand.
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  2. Wildefyr

    Wildefyr Instant Access

    Graphical & Performance

    Scalability Reference
    AntiAliasing Reference

    I avoid using sg.* cvars in my configuration due to the fact they affect multiple r.* cvars and can cause unexpected results.

    Typing your option out, then putting ? where it expects a value will result in help being printed about the command. Will also list available values the command accepts.


    r.ScreenPercentage [int%]
    Default: 100
    Example: r.ScreenPercentage 200
    Recommended: 120

    Increase or decrease Midair's render resolution. If your computer can handle it I recommend increasing to improve quality and reduce the need for antialiasing, with 120% being a sweetspot between performance and quality. Decrease if your machine is a toaster.

    r.SetRes [width] x [height] [string]
    Default: 1280 x 720 f (on first load)
    Example: r.SetRes 1920 x 1080 wf

    Sets resolution. 'f' for fullscreen. 'wf' for borderless windowed. 'w' for windowed.

    r.OneFrameThreadLag [boolean]
    Values: 0 (off), 1 (on)
    Default: 1
    Example: r.OneFrameThreadLag 0
    Recommended: 1

    Enable to allow the rendering thread to lag one frame behind the game thread. Disabling will technically decrease input lag, but you may experience unstable framerate as a result.

    r.Vsync [boolean]
    Values: 0 (off), 1 (on)
    Default: 0
    Example: r.Vsync 1
    Recommended: 0

    Set to 1 to enable vsync and set Midair's frame rate to your monitor's refresh rate. Recommended to disable to decrease input lag.

    Post Process Effects

    r.MotionBlurQuality [int]
    Values: 0 (off), 1 (low), 2 (medium), 3 (high), 4 (very high)
    Default: 0
    Example: r.MotionBlurQuality 1
    Recommended: 0

    Motion blur is an interesting post process effect, but is probably too distracting for players and probably does not help performance.

    r.MotionBlur.Amount [float]​

    Default: -1
    Example: r.MotionBlur.Amount 0
    Recommended: 0.01

    This needs to be quite low not to start becoming vomit inducing. Unused when r.MotionBlurQuality is disabled.


    r.DefaultFeature.AntiAliasing [int]
    Values: 0 (off), 1 (FXAA), 2 (Temporal AA), 3 (MSAA)
    Default: 2
    Example: r.DefaultFeature.AntiAliasing 0
    Recommended: 1

    Change method of AntiAliasing, or disables entirely. HighResShot will not work with Temporal AA. MSAA is not particularly great, but may be useful with HighResShot.

    r.PostProcessAAQuality [0, 2, 4, 6]
    Default: Probably 2
    Example: r.PostProcessAAQuality 0

    Aggressiveness of AntiAliasing, 0 disables AntiAliasing. Recommend not using a value above 2 when using Temporal AA.


    r.ShadowQuality [int%]
    Example: r.ShadowQuality 0

    0 turns all shadows off, increase to get higher quality shadows.

    Screen Space Reflections

    r.SSR.Cone 0.5
    r.SSR.Quality 2
    r.SSR.MaxRoughness 0.5


    r.TonemapperFilm [boolean]
    Default: 0
    Example: r.TonemapperFilm 1

    Applies a 'film' effect to Midair. More cinematic colours.

    r.TonemapperOutputGamut [boolean]
    Default: 0
    Example: r.TonemapperOutputGamut 1
    Recommended: 0

    Applies a desaturated effect to all colours, subtle but obvious when compared against.

    r.TonemapperGamma [float]
    Default: 2
    Example: r.TonemapperGamma 1.8

    Increase or decrease gamma.

    r.Tonemapper.Sharpen [float]
    Default: 0
    Example: r.Tonemapper.Sharpen 3

    Provides sharpening of all edges. Don't go too overboard with this one.

    r.Tonemapper.Quality [int]
    Default: 2
    Example: r.Tonemapper.Quality 0

    Controls quality of Tonemapper effects, doesn't seem to affect r.TonemapperFilm.
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  3. Wildefyr

    Wildefyr Instant Access

    Admin Commands

    Pause game. Still requires admin credentials even on local servers.

    RconOverrideNextMap [gametype]-[mapname]​

    RconOverrideNextMap LCTF-Minora

    Sets map for server to change to when current map finishes.

    Ends map immediately with no team declared the winner.

    Probable Admin Commands:



    UE4 Demo Reference


    slomo [float]
    Example: slomo 0.5

    Slow down or speed up time dilation. Works on local servers only. Does not work with demo playback.

    You suddenly feel lighter. Works on local servers only.
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  4. Schreq

    Schreq Private Tester

    sg stands for setting group and changing those basically changes multiple r.* cvars. So those inis where people googled for ue4 fps config, which include a million cvars, half of them are usually unnecessary.

    You should also include the show hud and iffonly commands. shot and highresshot <size> are also good to know. r.setres and it's w, f and wf parameters should be explained as well.
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    SADDAM Member

    Are demos supposed to be working? Game crashes for me if I try to use the "demorec" command.
  6. Fixious

    Fixious #1 Internet Sleuth

    I don't believe client-side recording is enabled. You'll need to get them from the server admin.

    SADDAM Member

    aww, that's too bad :(
  8. p0ke

    p0ke Private Tester

    DonĀ“t worry. There will be a function to download recordings easily, it is at least part of the plans :)
  9. Wildefyr

    Wildefyr Instant Access

    demorec does work for local servers for approximately 30 seconds, then the map ends! I've used it couple of times for screenshots and my recent outros but the use cases are pretty limited at the moment.

    I've been thinking about renting a server and see if I can write a script that will publish the demos automatically on a server or something that anyone can use. Technically archetype could offer something like this in the interim before it all gets implemented into the game.
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  10. Wildefyr

    Wildefyr Instant Access

    fyi the highresshot command is currently broken on the latest patch.
  11. Donler

    Donler Alpha Access

    Just got a server from Branzone, but not sure how to rename it. Is that possible through the console? or any tips on doing so thru the website?
  12. SoundGuy

    SoundGuy Private Tester

    TCAdmin (should have gotten the link in your email from Branzone)
    Its under command line changer. Make a new one, don't edit the default. Then select it. Restart server.
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  13. Donler

    Donler Alpha Access

    Thanks SoundGuy.