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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jordan, Jan 27, 2016.

  1. Jordan

    Jordan Community Manager Staff Member

    If you have any thoughts or ideas for anything we should add/remove/change in regards to the forums, please leave them in this thread!

  2. Wildefyr

    Wildefyr Instant Access

    Anyone object to a link to IRC in the banner?
  3. Xzanth

    Xzanth PUG Lord

    Would like to see a larger maximum for conversation recipients. Obviously spam is a problem if it is set too high but 5 is just ridiculously low. Is it possible to have the limit increase automatically after a certain amount of participation on the forums?
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  4. Jordan

    Jordan Community Manager Staff Member

    I will look into it! I imagine it's something we can do, but I am not 100% sure.

    All done! Increased to 15.
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2016
  5. DrWiley

    DrWiley New Member

    I suggest we get rid of the current community manager....he's the worst.

    Oh poopsticks! I broke the first rule. ALWAYS READ THE FORUM RULES FIRST: "No personal attacks against other forum users, including but not limited to harassment, doxing, etc. Any violation of this may result in a ban."

    please to the not banning me.
  6. Macavity

    Macavity New Member

    I would suggest not making the game A FLOATY PIECE OF SHIT.
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  7. Dabbleh

    Dabbleh New Member

    Dark mode.
  8. Rougey

    Rougey Instant Access

    Jordy do we have any sort of word filter?

    I ask because any attempt to suppress the vernacular of my people is an attempt at cultural genocide and my tirgger.

    You wanker.

    Hey Wiley,


    Alright listen to me you knife eared piece of shit, if you go any further with your *puddi* stained pubic hair you call a wig, I'm gonna wreck your shit so hard you won't even be able to walk with your limp dick. I'm gonna shove my foot so far up your perfect, shaven little ass, that your breath is gonna smell like shoe polish. I'm gonna flagellate you with my *scootin'*' beard. I'm gonna build you a pair of runic mechanical balls and use surgical precision to sew them to your groin where your manhood ought just so I can kick them with my iron *scooting* boot.

    You twat.


    <3 dude, how you been?

    EDIT: Scooting? Whatever happened to dancing?
  9. Mindflayr

    Mindflayr Moderator Staff Member

    Because you have played a ton of it or can tell how floaty vs fast it is from 1-2 vids of people playing (poorly or staged situations)?
  10. Macavity

    Macavity New Member

    Yes, I have played it for more than 50 hours.
  11. Mindflayr

    Mindflayr Moderator Staff Member

    50 hrs? Are you a tester or have you just attended every Pax/event where is been accessible. I mean its cool if you are actually testing, but unless you are friends with the defs and just playing with them.. thats some pretty useless feedback.
  12. Jordan

    Jordan Community Manager Staff Member

    There are some loose word filters, I will leave it to you guys to find them. ;)

    Dancing is so 2008. Scooting is the future.
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  13. DrWiley

    DrWiley New Member

  14. Macavity

    Macavity New Member

    I am their #1 main go-to tester. I also test all the food for poisoning before they eat it because the developers have a lot of enemies.
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  15. Mindflayr

    Mindflayr Moderator Staff Member

    Cool. Then let them have it.
  16. NrFive

    NrFive New Member

    Love Xenforo, only would vouch for a theme matching Midair and/or a dark theme.
  17. Rougey

    Rougey Instant Access

    You're 2008.

    ... so what's the story behind it?
  18. Jordan

    Jordan Community Manager Staff Member

    ScootyJet was BugsPray's joke suggestion for Midair's title back when it was Project Z.

    Scootin' & shootin' baby.
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  19. SirSourPuss

    SirSourPuss New Member

    Thank god that didn't go through.
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  20. Rougey

    Rougey Instant Access

    Can we get strikethrough text?

    Daddy needs his strikethrough text.