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Funny IRC Quotes

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Wildefyr, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. Wildefyr

    Wildefyr Instant Access

    This one has always been a classic; post gems from IRC (#midair on QuakeNet) here.
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  2. Royced

    Royced New Member

  3. MeSoSmooth

    MeSoSmooth Member

    i just posted this jewel in discord

    so i looked at more than just 10 seconds of footage for first time. looks awesome and not as slow as I thought. [​IMG]
  4. TylerMarket

    TylerMarket Human Goomba

    [03:14] <TylerMarket_> how do i fix my name
    [03:18] <RompeR> fixious :eek:
    [03:23] <@Fixious> :O
    [03:23] * Fixious slaps TylerMarket
    [03:23] <@Fixious> ./nick name
    [03:23] <@Fixious> minus the period
    [03:23] == Nark51 [[email protected]] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
    [03:29] == jamieMaco0mb [[email protected]] has joined #midair
    [03:43] == TylerMarket_ has changed nick to name
    [03:43] <name> *scoot*
    [03:43] <name> lol
    [03:43] == name has changed nick to TylerMarket
    [03:43] <TylerMarket> ok
    [03:44] <TylerMarket> you got me there fixious
    [03:44] <@Fixious> JESUS TYLER
    [03:47] <TylerMarket> i thought it was like /nick name TylerMarket
    [03:47] <TylerMarket> <.<
  5. Torpor

    Torpor Instant Access

    [14:29] <@SeymourGore> i heard the devs were going to get special 'anti-grav energy' packs
    [14:29] <@SeymourGore> they act like an energy pack but prevent fall damage
    [14:29] <@SeymourGore> at the request of stealth
    [14:31] <Torpor> man-bun dev already has his man bun in game
    [14:31] <Torpor> That's a dev hack right there
    [14:31] <@SeymourGore> those light models are the splitting image of fahren
    [14:31] <@SeymourGore> so conceited that guy
    [14:31] <Torpor> yeah that's who I meant hahah :p
    [14:31] <Torpor> what a legend
    [14:32] <Voidspawn> To be fair he didn't have a manbun when he designed that guy
    [14:33] <@SeymourGore> he knew what he was doing
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  6. Riker

    Riker Private Tester

    [03:23] <@Fixious> ./nick name
    [03:23] <@Fixious> minus the period
    [03:43] == TylerMarket_ has changed nick to name

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  7. modsec

    modsec Instant Access

    You guys should put a little instruction on how to access the IRC at the top.
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  8. Torpor

    Torpor Instant Access

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  9. Torpor

    Torpor Instant Access

    [21:27] <Torpor> I'm actually glad the toxic individuals are opposed to Midair at this stage - that way they won't have alpha/closed beta access
    [21:27] <Torpor> Means a better chance for people like us to positively shape the game
    [21:29] <MoDSec> I've seen some people on the Forums that I'd describe as that sort. Entitled... Complain about everything..
    [21:30] <Voidspawnie> implying Nark isnt toxic
    [21:31] <radiantkeen> you can't really escape toxic with this genre, but you can limit it at least
    [21:31] <MoDSec> That's FPS in general.
    [21:31] <MoDSec> Or any game I guess that gets competetive
    [21:31] <Nark> wtf Voidspawnie
    [21:31] <Nark> i'm not toxic
    [21:31] <Nark> *scooting* noob
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  10. Wildefyr

    Wildefyr Instant Access

  11. Sin

    Sin Midair Developer Staff Member

    <18:55:42> "TylerMarket": i had one good play and it was on accident
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  12. Dabbleh

    Dabbleh New Member

  13. Wildefyr

    Wildefyr Instant Access

    It's still my go to guide for windows IRC scrubs :D
  14. TylerMarket

    TylerMarket Human Goomba

    Screenshot_2016-07-04-01-37-32.png Screenshot_2016-07-04-01-38-07.png

    You guys are all welcome to join my new channel #giantmeteor2016
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  15. miri

    miri Instant Access

    [10:19] <@BOSSDOGGxXx> i have a bunch of holes in my feet and hands and i cry blood a lot but i dunno i dun think im jesus
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  16. TylerMarket

    TylerMarket Human Goomba

    2016-07-09 08.43.53.png
    When the PUGs are sending you subliminal messages
  17. Sin

    Sin Midair Developer Staff Member

    <12:46:50> "thecaptaintea": wait descolada isn't bossdogg
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  18. Rooster128

    Rooster128 Instant Access

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  19. widow

    widow Instant Access

    [10:10:06] (slush_) touch me
    [10:10:09] (slush_) where the sun dont shine
    [10:10:52] (@Application-1) o/
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  20. Sin

    Sin Midair Developer Staff Member

    [19:39:33] <DL> fair point, tyler