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Help us out! Who has the worst PC specs in Midair?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BugsPray, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. BugsPray

    BugsPray Midair Developer Staff Member

    Think you have a terrible machine but it still plays Midair? Post your specs here!

    We need:
    • Desktop/Laptop
    • Operating System
    • Processor
    • Memory
    • Graphics Card
    • What is your average FPS on maps with closer to final art (e.g. Verdant, Kryosis, Minora, Icewind, Iratus)?
    • What is your average FPS on maps with placeholder art (e.g. Brynhilder, Elite, etc.)
    • Are you using a custom .ini file and if you weren't would it still play Midair?
    If you're the winner your PC might get immortalized as our featured minimum spec for Steam Early Access. :)
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  2. Wildefyr

    Wildefyr Instant Access

    I am presuming 'plays midair' is that the game launches? Or is it more specific, i.e. gets 60 fps on average?
  3. Fixious

    Fixious #1 Internet Sleuth

    Oh sweet Jesus. My time has come.
    • Toshiba Satellite A665-S6050
    • Win7 64bit
    • Intel i5 CPU 2.40 GHz
    • 4GB RAM
    • nVidia 310m
    • Depends on map and what I do to tweak things. Maps with no real art to them are pretty okay with the toaster config and screenpercentage of like 40. I can get above 30fps usually. Maps like Verdant or Deserted Sands are pretty much impossible to play on, though.
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  4. BugsPray

    BugsPray Midair Developer Staff Member

    If you're playing on it then I'd count it. I don't really want to put a machine that just launches the main menu. :)

    @Fixi good point - I want to hear FPS on arted and un-arted maps.
  5. Fixious

    Fixious #1 Internet Sleuth

    I don't think you do.

    Main menu with defaults set to low before the background video loads in - 30 fps | After the background video loads in - 5 fps

    Default Low (1280x720) | + toaster.cfg | + r.screenpercentage 50%


    Kryo ~ 10 | ~23 | ~40
    Byrn - ~15 | ~21 | ~40
    Elite ~17 | ~28 | ~55
    Exhumed ~15 | ~20 | ~40
    Iguna ~10 | ~15 | ~28
    Minora ~6| ~11 | ~24


    DesertedSands ~6 | ~9 | ~9
    Hoki ~16 | ~18 | ~39
    IceDance ~17 | ~22 | ~54
    IceWind ~11 | ~15 | ~35
    Verdant ~9 | ~19 | ~26
    Iratus ~11 | ~15 | ~38
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  6. Jon_Osc

    Jon_Osc Koala Tea Azure Rinse Staff Member

    • Laptop
    • Windows 10
    • i7-3632QM 2.2ghz
    • 8gb ram
    • FPS on maps with art: 25-60
    • FPS on non-art maps: 40-100
    • Using lowest possible in game settings (1024x768resolution, screen percentage 50, all buttons on low)
  7. Skymarshall

    Skymarshall Alpha Access

    System: ASUS Transformer 3 Pro (T303UA)
    OS: Windows 10 64bit
    CPU: Intel i5-6200U
    Memory: 8GB of what I assume is DDR3
    GPU: Intel HD 520
    Runtime Environment: tuned toaster.cfg, steam launch options -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -sm4 -d3d10 EXEC=toaster.cfg
    Without the tweaks, all maps run like Minora, but I actually need this computer so I'm not going to run Minora un-tweaked for fear of laptop explosion

    Solo, most maps are pretty samey - reaching highs of 110 while not doing anything, reaching lows of 70ish while skiing around and shooting things. Except Minora, which runs 30-50.
    Online usually never exceeds 60FPS, averaging mostly around 40~50. Except, again, Minora, which fluctuates heavily between 15-30, and I'm pretty sure I can hear the CPU screaming for mercy throughout the whole ordeal

    *note: all maps look awful on these settings so I don't know what arted vs non-arted means. TIL there are trees in midair

    *note 2: these settings also totally trash depth perception
  8. Tiberius Khan

    Tiberius Khan Alpha Access

    Unfortunately I don't remember what I was using when I brought this up awhile back. I do know that the game was unplayable regardless of what settings I tweaked but could still play LoL with a reliable 40 fps on all lowest settings.

    Intel Core i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40 GHz
    8 GB of RAM
    Some generic chipset graphics card

    That's the best I can do with what I was using, the comp is history now
  9. -A3-

    -A3- New Member

    @heff. Depth perception takes some getting used to even with a decent my humble opinion.
  10. keyr1pper

    keyr1pper Alpha Access

    • Desktop
    • w7 64b
    • Intel Q9550 @2.83Ghz
    • 8GB DDR2
    • nVidiaGTX 570
    • 60-90
    • 70-100
    • I was using fyr ini. Now it doesn't work properly anymore.

    PLEASE MAKE ART REMOVABLE (and not just minimum settings).
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  11. Wildefyr

    Wildefyr Instant Access

    It's a known issue. The devs will most likely be re-enabling certain show commands like the ones in that config.
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  12. Billy Jean

    Billy Jean New Member

    • Desktop
    • Win7
    • i3-3240 3.40GHz
    • 8Gb
    • nVidia Geforce GTX 650
    • Final art FPS: 50-60FPS
    • Placeholder: 60-70FPS
    • No custom .ini
  13. My performance is so bad I use hours instead of seconds to in FPH, not FPS.
    Just joking, my rig rocks.
  14. SADDAM

    SADDAM Member

    • i5-750 @ 3.6 GHz
    • 10 GB Memory
    • Nvidia Geforce GTX 275 :D (will get a 1060 hopefully next week)
    • Win8
    • Settings: 2560x1080 resolution, default medium settings, 50% scaling
    • Verdant: 15-35 FPS,
    • Abaddon: 50-80 FPS,
    • Outpost99: 90-120 FPS
    • Howling Spires> 45-90 FPS
    These tests were all done with "roam map", not in actual game - from the feel of it, the FPS drop in real games with actual players around and all the shit happening & blowing up. Also, in general it seems to be the arted base stuff and doodads that really kills the FPS. On Verdant, the lowest FPS are actually when roaming around inside the base itself.
  15. 0wnj0o

    0wnj0o New Member

    lets do one for who has the worst wifi connection ME! I spend 100 bucks a month for wireless service and I cant play the midair most of the time even with a solid connection. I have a Killer doubleshot pro network though wondering if thats the issue.
  16. SADDAM

    SADDAM Member

    ...And just to compare with new vid card (notice changed graphics settings tho):

    • i5-750 @ 3.6 GHz
    • 10 GB Memory
    • Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060
    • Win8
    • Settings: 3440x1440 resolution, default high settings, no scaling
    • Verdant: 55-80 FPS,
    • Abaddon: 75-110 FPS,
    • Outpost99: 100-110 FPS
    • Howling Spires> 75-100 FPS
  17. Groove

    Groove Instant Access

    would be interesting to see a comparison between peoples FPS in an empty server vs a full one

    personally, i can get 120 FPS in an empty server, but dip to under 30 FPS in the same spot if the server is full and people are active (even if only 1-2 people are visible and being drawn on my screen)
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  18. Voidspawn

    Voidspawn Miserable Artbot Staff Member

    Performance on filled servers is something we're certainly not happy with at the moment and will be looking at in the future.
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  19. widow

    widow Instant Access

    Not necessary filled, last patch lowered FPS on all maps also with few players on the server.
    gtx 1060 FPS 40 to 80 in lctf... 6vs6

    atm a GTX 1060 is the minimum required...
    and cpu is used at 40%... not much o_O
  20. spheres

    spheres New Member

    Hi these are my specs:
    Mac mini
    Intel i7-3615QM 2.3ghz
    8gb RAM
    Intel hd graphics 4000
    Windows 10 running through bootcamp

    With these system specs I am really hoping to get at least 60 FPS after optimization. I don’t yet have midair but I am expecting to get it after it comes out of closed beta. I’m a longtime tribes 2 player and I can’t wait to get midair.