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Help us out! Who has the worst PC specs in Midair?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BugsPray, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. Odio

    Odio Instant Access

    Played all of pre-alpha with

    3.2GHz Q6600
    8GB DDR2 800MHz
    Radeon R7 260x
    Between 30 and 120fps.

    was able to stream full pubs no problem.
  2. JDub

    JDub New Member

    2.50 GHz i3-3120M
    6 GB RAM
    Works most of the time, lags randomly, especially when a lot is going on during a pug.

    Settings all set to minimum, any advice to make the game run better would be greatly appreciated.
  3. oahra

    oahra New Member

    4x 3,8Ghz AMD FX 4300
    8GB DDR3 Ram
    nvida gtx 580 1,5gb

    Game runs on toaster graphics with up to 90fps on a 5vs5. Get some significant fps drops to 40 when a lot of actions is going on. 8vs8 20-50fps
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  4. au66yroldfart

    au66yroldfart New Member

    Hi, old t2 player trying to get Midair to run on my dell - blank screen start.
    Have not found out about any game files to modify on HDD to minimize graphics to startup.
    Always used min on T2, might have to keep playing T2 as it works OK.

    Driver Version:
    Operating System: Windows 7 Service Pack 1(6.1.7601)
    DirectX* Version: 10.1
    Physical Memory: 8097 MB
    Minimum Graphics Memory: 64 MB
    Maximum Graphics Memory: 1696 MB
    Graphics Memory in Use: 201 MB
    Processor: Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
    Processor Speed: 3292 MHz
    Processor Graphics Intel(R) HD Graphics 2000
    Video BIOS: 2089.0
    Current Graphics Mode: 1920 by 1080
    Bits Per Pixel 32
    Number of Colors 4294967296
    Refresh Rate - Current 59 Hz
    Refresh Rate - Maximum 60 Hz
    Refresh Rate - Minimum 50 Hz
    Driver Provider Intel Corporation
    Driver Version
    Driver Date 5/21/2011
    Adapter DAC Type Internal
    Adapter RAM 3.77 GB
    Status This device is working properly.
  5. Gryp

    Gryp Instant Access