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How to join a Pickup (PUG) Game.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Wildefyr, Mar 31, 2017.

  1. Wildefyr

    Wildefyr Instant Access

    To play a pickup, you must be willing to join the official Midair discord, and download Mumble for voice communication as we generally find Discord unsuitable currently for voice. While a microphone isn't essential, it is highly preferred. At minimum you must be willing to connect to our Mumble server.

    Jumping on Discord

    Join the official Midair discord by typing into your browser. If you click on the channel #pugs, you'll find us. The majority of pickups happen on North American servers usually around from 6-7PM EST, but can start earlier. You can join pickups by using the pugbot @Implosions has created. The pugbot has several commands that you use just by typing into the channel:

    !add [queue number]
    !add is used to sign up to any games you wish to play. Usually, a general (NA usually) LCTF queue is kept on 1, a Base queue on 2, a LCTFEU queue on 3, and an Arena queue on 4. Just using !add by itself will add you to all available queues.

    !del [queue number]
    Delete from a queue. If you no longer wish to play any games, !del with a queue number omitted will remove you from all queues.

    Get the status of all the queues, including who is currently signed up.

    If you were in a game, and the pickup has now finished, !finish will be used to update the pugbot. A regular pickup player will do this normally.
    Do not finish the game before the pickup has actually finished.

    Connecting to Mumble.

    We use Mumble as our voice server as it offers a few features over Discord for organising pickups and is open source. Once downloaded, follow the initial setup dialog to setup your microphone. Once happy, click Server -> Connect -> Add new... Enter as the address, 64738 for the port, and enter the nick you wish to use. It is helpful if you use the same nick as the one you will use ingame. Once connected, navigate to the pug channel your queue will use, and if wanted, put yourself in a specific role you wish to play for the pickup.

    The Pickup Process

    Once all players are gathered, two players must volunteer to be a captain and pick hopefully fair teams. Usually the captains will play Rock Paper Scissors to decide who will pick first, but it is not uncommon for one captain to offer first pick to the other. However, the captain with the second pick chooses two players on his last pick in compensation for having to go second, resulting in the following pick order: 1-1-1-1-1-2-1

    Once teams have been picked, players are expected to join the game server. This will be a server with "PUG" in the name and will normally be passworded. If you're not sure which server to join or what the password is, ask your team. Once every player has joined the server, a Pickup Admin will load the next map when both captains say they are ready to begin. If there is no Pickup Admin playing then players can start a map vote to switch to the desired map.

    Each pickup is played as a "Best of Two", meaning that two maps, each with a timer of 25 minutes are played. Each captain gets a choice of map. It is encouraged that captains play a range of maps over multiple pickups.

    Subbing / Trading

    Sometimes a player who was in the queue does not show up on mumble immediately. The grace period for being subbed out is normally 5 to 10 minutes, so make sure when you added to pickup to show up promptly on mumble. If you repeatedly don't show when you've been added, you won't be a favourite amongst the community.

    Occasionally, due to unforeseen circumstances, a player may have to leave early before the match can be completed. In this case the game is paused by a pickup admin. Usually it is the captain's or leaving player's responsibility to find a replacement. It any player is spectating the match, they will be asked to substitute in first before looking elsewhere, usually in Discord. Additionally, it is not always possible to have close games between teams. In this case, captains may agree to trade players between teams either before the first map, or after a poor game or 'stomp' for the first match.

    Player Conduct in Pickups

    Usually pickups are a chill, but semi-competitive environment. We welcome all players regardless of experience or time played. We like to keep things on the low down, however sometimes things may get a bit heated between players in stressful situations. The best thing if it happens to you is to not to take anything personally, and if serious about improving at Midair, just focus on the next pickup instead.

    It might also be an idea to familiarise yourself with Archetype's conduct rules as well.

    Other Stuff

    A fair few pickup players usually stream the games played, so if interested, keep an eye on the Midair channel listing on twitch.

    Happy Pugging!
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  2. japes

    japes Private Tester

    we also have a strict pickup game constitution that all new players must agree to before they are allowed into the server
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  3. miri

    miri Instant Access

  4. C_Zachero

    C_Zachero Instant Access

    Do PUGs happen nightly? I'd like to get in on some next week if I can.
  5. Wildefyr

    Wildefyr Instant Access

    Nightly, yes.
  6. Mindflayr

    Mindflayr Moderator Staff Member

    Might have to swing back around now that Zach and a few other old friends have joined with Alpha. Also want a taste of dat new map and other changes.
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  7. Bootswiththefur

    Bootswiththefur Instant Access

    Finally. Yay
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  8. Schreq

    Schreq Private Tester

    Fyr you should edit the mumble link to be the actual official site. Also say that if people want a working overlay they need the 64bit snapshot.
  9. C_Zachero

    C_Zachero Instant Access

    Oh I was in instant access. Just stopped playing when it was only LCTF PUGs and never PUBs. I like PUGs but I like pubbing too.
  10. Jahman

    Jahman Instant Access


    Fyr - I added to the PUG servers which points to this post. Could you add some "How to play" links in your post as well?

    For instance:
    Stork's LT Guide
    Some sexy JP cap route videos
    Medea - SMS bot to receive notification of PUG start

    Other feedback -
    when PUG fires, you have at most 10 minutes to be in Mumble LCTF Any channel or you will be subbed
    recommend players watch twitch steams to see how its done
  11. socalpk

    socalpk Member

    Is it me or is this ridiculously complicated - will be amazed if anything other than a small few will want to spend their hard earned free time figuring this all out and going through the hoops. Can't you guys simplify all this? Or are you intentionally filtering people out to keep the PUG player count low?
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  12. SoundGuy

    SoundGuy Private Tester
    It's hard to paste that into a browser?
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  13. MeSoSmooth

    MeSoSmooth Member


    I thought TA PU nubs were bad. You take the cake and then poop it out of your nose.
  14. japes

    japes Private Tester

    should be updated that pugs are now being run through #pugs
  15. JeToh

    JeToh Member

    Is this info still current? I really want to play midair but no one is ever in the Pub servers.
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  16. p0ke

    p0ke Private Tester

    No it´s not.
    Join the discord pugs channel and !add to the game you want to play. Use !help to see every possible command.
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  17. SoundGuy

    SoundGuy Private Tester Discord Link

    Go to #PUG (Under Game Discussion)

    !help to get all the commands (or ask anyone)

    Need Mumble for VOIP (!mumble) that's the command to get the mumble info (

  18. JeToh

    JeToh Member

    cool, thanks! I was accepted as a Private tester so I hope to see you guys soon. and SG,,, just for you.. "You gotta love all the snakes" ;)
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  19. SoundGuy

    SoundGuy Private Tester

    You have friends in low places

    One more pug suggestion.
    Thread called "capping compendium"
    I and others made basic route videos.
    Check them out. It will help you when you do decide to pug. Check the last posts and work your way back. Maps have changed.
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  20. JeToh

    JeToh Member

    What are the best days/times to catch a pug?