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How would I create more Momentum in Awareness and Playerbase

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pumpelche, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. Pumpelche

    Pumpelche Instant Access

    I'm not asked. But due to the impact those games (Tribes, Midair) have on me from a joy and passion perspective, I feel obliged to speak out. I'm not ranting for fun. Actually, due to my involvement in political activities (my city's parlament) and board of director mandates, I'm asking uncomfortable questions and discuss those - to achieve better results for everyone. This as a side note to understand why I even bother. It's just me.

    Momentum = more interest = more addiction = more players. If I were to sit down, in silence, and sketch out what has to happen to create more momentum, I would do the following:

    1. I would figure out the 2 most looked for adjustments for each class: LGT, MED, HVY. For example, for HVY it would probably be the Mortar shot angle/arc/speed topic and the visual topic that the weapon is too big and blocks the sight. Like this, the biggest group of possible new players could be attracted with the least possible effort.
    2. I would add what I think this game misses right now. Maybe it was not designed to be like that or to have that. But I believe it is crucial to wake certain 'feel' and 'emotions' when such a game is started up: The often mentioned Oooompf! Hell, I was laughing my ass off in disbelieve of what I saw the first time I fired the BFG9000 in DOOM. Who didn't? THIS is the kind of emotion and Oooompf! that has to be delivered to every action in that game. And it can be done.
    3. Sound. I'm not talking about quality. They are masterpieces. But I believe they don't fit a play style that is supposed to be cutting edge sharp, fast, free and wall knocking brutal at points when the players clash. The sound has to raise the testosterone! The sound has to build up a certain level of healthy aggression. Like listening to a song that's pushing you while you hit the gym. The actual sound is too soft. It softens you down. It carries you away. It's more esotheric than gear up boys and girls! we're going to hit them hard and get the Mana for us! Huuuah!
    4. Start Page (Home) and User Interface. It's the one thing we all see the very first. And it has gotten way too less attention. The one part of the game that is seen the very first is the one part of the game that should be finished or close to finished the very first! It's the visit card of the game! First impression. It should speak, solely by its design, what lays behind: Action, Speed, Airtime, sleepless nights due to that epic moves one pulled. The UI has to represent something. Players these days are so visually focussed, it's a major strategic flaw that this has not been addressed with more seriousness.
    5. The overall Feel. We have a man bun, a guy who ate to many bigmacs and some chick. They have some suits. They fight for a rare ressource. Mana. Accompanied by esotheric sounds. I believe it should be like: The chars suit up in their robotic myomer muscle enhanced battle suits to hammer the mercenaries of the other industrial factions that also dig for Mana. It's either them or us. We hammer them strong. Until they loose the appetite for that ressource. And while doing so, the effects (graphical and audio) should lift us and make our hands sweat. Not calm down.
    6. Maps. Too many maps. The game should have at this point like 4 - 6 perfectly styled and finished maps. There is no need for 20 or even more of them, while the work for real finished maps stalls and is on a halt due to this. Eye candy. The game has to sell its beauty - no matter if the comicy style is liked or not: better a stunning comicy style that's finished than an unfinished comicy style.
    7. Added: 20.11.2017 - Server Side Option to surpress join-team-option and auto-spectate users that join when this option is active. To get rid of the spicy argument about locked/unlocked organized games. Let everyone join and marvel at the skills and gameplay. Coz locks are bad. There's nothing good in human history that is connected with a lock. So especially very simple things like a game should never, never ever incorporate such things but offer useful workarounds. Some spectators then join and sniff out new cap routes? Okay, so what? It's a game, it's not about who wins the billion and how doesn't. And the one person who's not playing anymore because the secrets have been revealed is a good trade-off for the many players that find interest for the game again. (ya sorry, couldn't keep the rant out of it)
    This is my take on the situation. If I'd be the Board, I'd advice to do this. In short:
    Solve one or two issues each size/class has. Add Oooompf. Raise the adrenaline, starting by looking at the home screen, let it peak while playing. Focus on finishing things rather than pulling out mass. Deliver a feeling of actually going in a brutal fight rather than an esotheric gathering.

    I mean no harm. Seriously. Think about it and adjust if you believe it will help. I'm a 100% sure it will.

    Thanks for any feedbacks.
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  2. Pumpelche

    Pumpelche Instant Access

    Thinking the whole time about the above, something has materialized and I need to phrase it:

    Many discussions took place about what is actually better: Inventory Station or not. Pro and Contras. The fast-pulsating player generation today might not be an inventory kind of player who does not understand why they should visit an inv first for full advantage. Okay. What came to my mind now and I believe this can be the best of both worlds.

    • The players spawn in the chosen suit/setup/gear, like in T:A. But they don't have alot of ammunition.
    • The Mana 'feeds' every weapon. Why not use those ground-cracks which appear in some maps, where that pinky/blueish stuff shines (Mana, right?) to refill the Mana? Refill Mana = again full ammunition.
    Like this the Mana Lore is nailed much more into the gameplay.
    The actual action increases due to the fact that you're faster in the actual action again.

    And how about Invs? Invs will have their good role:
    If you're going to an inv, you're having the full arsenal of ammunition for the Inventory Station will likely enhance the robotic myomer flesh cyber mantle suit you wear with additional Mana battery slots.
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    SADDAM Member

    This. So much, this.

    I know midair is not Tribes and it has its own atheistic, but....

    Go load up the mortar explosion from T2. Feel that BOOM-bastic, manly aggression.

    Listen to the disc firing sound and the crispness of the subtle reload. Feel that punchy OOMPH.

    Roll up a round of chaingun. Listen that Clanky, relentlessly repeating, heavy_metal-striking-on-metal sound raping the air around it. KA-DINGGG-KA-DINGG-KA-DINGG

    Midair is so... so... gentle? Feel-wise, it makes me more go "hmm. Oh.". rather than "RAAWWR".
  4. socalpk

    socalpk Member

    For me coming directly from TA, I feel like I have lead in my boots or something. The Jets are highly unintuitive to me, perhaps due to my many hours of TA play but as Pumpelche and Saddam mention, the game just feels soft and weak. It's more like a pillow fight than a battle!

    After so many hours of playing games of this genre I feel I should have more familiarity and comfort with the movement and feel. But something really messes me up. I'm sure it's a matter of playing more, but right now the movement does not match my expectation and feels sluggish and cumbersome. Some have said you get used to it and then like it more. I hope so but at this point it just feels weaker, slower in general and less responsive. Add to this movement weakness the soft sound effects, soft music, the soft characters, the soft environments, something about this game triggers motion sickness for me. Not many games achieve this, and I believe it has to do with the movement expectation and or some sort of setting combination. I've not really made the effort to figure it out or work it through due to the player count. By then perhaps optimizations will also be implemented and player movement may adjust some to help or I will play more and adjust...I don't know, feels a bit like a chicken and egg thing that at this point keeps me away.

    Give Midair heart pumping life and energy!
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  5. Pumpelche

    Pumpelche Instant Access

    Some other opinion that would help to not scare away potential players: The landscape.

    Most maps are so bumpy, that even regular players, not to speak of new players and at the very farthest players new to the jetpack-franchise cannot really enjoy the gliding. If you can concentrate on the terrain - it's great. I love the movement, really. But as soon as you're chased or you're chasing and blah blah, and you're not exclusively checking terrain, it's a pain.

    So my suggestion is, not to solve it completely but to minimize the frustration level: stretch the maps to like 1.5 times the size - only the surface. This will flaten out those unpleasent little bumps. you can even squeeze it vertically for 10 - 20 percent. That should be a super easy thing to do in an editor. Even better: Create maps that are smooth like Dam and that huge ice-map, but are not THAT big. I feel like in Midair the maps are either small and super bumpy (LT dna?) or smooth but huuuuuge. A middle way? Meaning: Take Dam and that huge ice map and shrink it horizontally for 10 - 20 %.
  6. Wildefyr

    Wildefyr Instant Access

    No. This is frankly completely pointless to getting new players to play the game. As a new player playing a genre completely unfamiliar to me I really wouldn't be thinking about if the terrain was too bumpy or not. AND then you have the whole issue over the devs redesigning an entire map pool again for dubious reasons wasting time and resources. There are smooth maps in Midair, perhaps there should be a couple more, but the movement is already VERY friendly to new players once they get the whole "Don't hold W" thing, but yet retains a high skill ceiling for the players who are good. Honestly, the movement could not be any better and changing the landscapes of the maps in the way you're suggesting is completely frivolous and missing the point on why people aren't playing the game.
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  7. T1Zammy

    T1Zammy Alpha Access

    The first hour of midair I was like wow skiing is really forgiving and can gain speed on pretty much anything.
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  8. Pumpelche

    Pumpelche Instant Access

    @Wildefyr Well, I am sure the most frustrating for players new to the franchise is: Hey, I thought I go fast but I allways loose all speed coz of those bumps.

    I'm just saying it. From a Sales point of view. It's all just feedback and opinion. But thanks for the detailled opinion.
  9. chemdawg

    chemdawg Alpha Access

    Just have to learn how to use the bumps. If you trip on a curb, you don't blame the city and suggest they remove the sidewalk
  10. Pumpelche

    Pumpelche Instant Access

    The comparison won't do it. I bet 100 bucks that if there are mid-sized or small-sized smooth maps and players could vote vor maps, those maps in base would be voted the most.
  11. Wildefyr

    Wildefyr Instant Access

    I mean, there is literally a mechanic in Midair that makes you jump off bumps and get more speed for doing so, all automatically. I find you complaining about maps being bumpy is a lack of understanding about what Midair is, rather than legitimate criticism. To my knowledge @Pumpelche, you're the only player in recent memory complaining about this.
  12. Pumpelche

    Pumpelche Instant Access

    @Wildefyr, I love the movement, jetpack interaction, etc. in Midair. I'm not having a problem with it. But I'm sure that new players new to the franchise will suffer. You know that if you screw it up in the beginning, there's basically no 2nd chance, right?
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  13. Wildefyr

    Wildefyr Instant Access

    The fact that player retention for Midair is so abysmal makes me very aware of this fact @Pumpelche. However, I don't think how bumpy a map is truly an issue in getting people to stick to the game.
  14. Pumpelche

    Pumpelche Instant Access

    It's the big package of all things suggested above. If newbloods don't like the movement coz it's way too difficult to adjust to it in 1 - 2 hours, we've lost those. Aw well, okay. Nevermind. We know in 4 - 5 months, don't we?
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  15. PB*Tech

    PB*Tech New Member

    I think the tutorials could be a big part of the solution and should probably be expanded. Add more tips and instruction. Do's and don'ts. Maybe make a "bootcamp" map to practice on. That was a big help in T1 along with experienced players taking time to help out new players.
  16. Pumpelche

    Pumpelche Instant Access

    @Jordan & @BugsPray - Suggestion: Send an E-Mail to all Kickstarter-Backers and all E-Mails you've registered here. Content of this Mail is a link to a User Experience Questionnaire and also allows to answer why they did not yet play (course only send it to people who actually could play). Give them options to chose. Like: Do you like the way the weapons work? From 'The inject looks like L'Oréal ad' to 'Aweeeesoooome', and so on. Talk to them all. They'll appreciate it. And it will raise awareness and send good vibes out. Also, if a feedback is rock solid and clear you'll have a free consulting what has be done in one of the smaller aspects to strenghten confidence in the playerbase that once it is finished, the game will rock.
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  17. SeymourGore

    SeymourGore #1 Stinkiest NA

    Also an update on our damned keychain backer reward.
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  18. The Weirdo

    The Weirdo Instant Access

    Also aren't we supposed to vote on the additional gametype?
  19. dienasty

    dienasty New Member

    sorry to bring this in from the locked thread, but it ties in (trying to get new players [and OLD] to come out and play)

    Now granted the game isn't done & released yet... but it sounds like it's close, which is when the alpha, beta, early access players should be coming out , so upon release new players will have some one to play with
    BUT there only seems to be a handful of people playing, and so my question is WHY is this? (the 10 year T2 draft team community had at least 40 people active at the end.)
    So If it's true that there were 1000 people interested in this game at one point, what happened to that interest???
  20. MeSoSmooth

    MeSoSmooth Member

    because base sucks.