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Kickstarter Now funded!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Weirdo, May 17, 2016.

  1. The Weirdo

    The Weirdo Instant Access

    Less than $10k to go.

    More precisely:

    857 unique backers, $90,269 committed so far.

    MOD UPDATE: It has Funded. Congrats to the team and lets keep it going!
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  2. modsec

    modsec Instant Access

    An average of $105 per backer. Generous backing from these people :eek:
  3. The Weirdo

    The Weirdo Instant Access

    Make all your friends donate small amounts so we can cross the 100k finish line with exactly 1000 backers.
  4. Siberian

    Siberian Instant Access

    grats to the devs attracting 90% of the Ks funding with still 18 days to go...

    soooo awesome...
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  5. EC_Lee

    EC_Lee Instant Access

    Heck yea man!! Let's see this thing through to the finish line!!!
  6. Gryp

    Gryp Instant Access

  7. Armoredphoenix

    Armoredphoenix New Member

    For a moment I thought to myself. "Sam... Go ahead and put that 10k on your credit card. It'll be worth it" Then I actively got up and walked away. Kickstarter rewards are dangerous.
  8. Boto

    Boto Member

    I was going to increase to 10k so we hit 100k and after everyone celebrates, change it back. :D
  9. SeymourGore

    SeymourGore #1 Stinkiest NA

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  10. LlamaTurtle

    LlamaTurtle Instant Access

    signed up for the kickstarter a few days in at $35, cause tribes. , down to the wire now, and im sorely tempted to put in at the $75 tier, but im not sure if i can justify dropping that much essentially sight-unseen ($175 even more so, for the armor skill more than the instant access)
    what im not seeing though, is are there any pictures, even rough sketches/concept art of the KS epic bits: accessory(pack?), weapon, jet trail and armor set?

    trying to get an idea of what that's buying me, aside from alpha/beta access.
    sell me on a higher tier?
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  11. Boto

    Boto Member

    I think if you like what you see in the gameplay footage and believe that you'll likely enjoy this for a long time, its well worth the money. You'll always have some unique items that non-ks players will never be able to attain. My pledge tier allows me to leave a permanent mark on this game forever.

    This game will fulfill all your heart desires! DO IT!!
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  12. Armageddon

    Armageddon Teapot

    Great stuff, let's knock out some stretch goals now :)
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  13. The Weirdo

    The Weirdo Instant Access

    New day, new update:

    889 backers,

    I wonder if the Rock Paper Shotgun article can help put us over the top sooner rather than later.
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  14. The Weirdo

    The Weirdo Instant Access

    Minor update in honor of Archetype breaking 900 backers:

    901 backers,
  15. Siberian

    Siberian Instant Access

  16. joauva

    joauva Alpha Access

    Just backed for instant-action!

    A few more dollars and we're in, spread the word, wake the dead!
  17. Father Ruckus

    Father Ruckus Instant Access

    I just upped mine for instant access, just a few k more!
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  18. C_Zachero

    C_Zachero Instant Access

    I am so tempted to up from alpha access to instant access...
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  19. Siberian

    Siberian Instant Access

    DO IT...

    9 months is a eternity....
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  20. Mindflayr

    Mindflayr Moderator Staff Member

    Come play with us, you wont regret it. I mean, dont starve yourself for a month or anything, but if you can afford it (its just like 4-5 movie dates) its well worth it.
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