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Midair Closed Beta Release Date Target: August 25th

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Midair News, Aug 17, 2017.

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    We’re happy to announce our current release target date for Closed Beta and Steam Early Access:

    August 25th @ 10:00am PDT

    We know this is outside of the tail edge of “Mid August” but we’ve had a few dependencies adjust from our previous estimate. In particular we feel like the last build had a lot of great new content and changes, but it introduced instability and some new issues we believe are critical to fix before launch. Hopefully it’s not too long to wait!

    The target is to get this out Thursday morning so you can download it and get your friends on board for that weekend. We can’t stress enough that there may be more small adjustments depending on how our build and release content are looking, but know that we are working late nights and weekends to get the new build ready and launched on August 25th.

    We’re looking forward to playing Midair with all of our Closed Beta backers and supporters, and also with a new group of Steam users who have yet to hear about Midair. [​IMG]

    Release Schedule Update

    We also wanted to make you aware of a big change to our Open Beta and Final Release scheduling. As an indie title, we need to be cognizant of the ebbs and flows of the industry, or in other words, we need to be aware of the game’s release timing and how it fits in with other releases in the industry. Our initial release estimate during Kickstarter was November 2017. When we first pushed back our deadline to December, it was in direct response to pushing our earlier milestones back. As some of you noticed, our November release was already in the holiday season, and December is even “worse.” Why is releasing in the holiday season bad? Simply put, the holiday season is when major AAA titles are set to release, get big content updates, and spend tons of marketing dollars. Marketing to the same customers as those games becomes more expensive, and indies tend to drown in the relentless tide of AAA marketing.

    What does this mean for us? Due to the timing with the holidays and the current status of feature development, we are moving our release deadline to calendar year Q1 2018. This is a more broad deadline than we had before, and that’s because we want complete control of the release timing to buy us flexibility in the launch depending on the features we’ve built, the quality of the game at that time, and other titles and events happening around that time.

    As always, we’re interested in pushing a game that both you and we are proud of and that represents the best of what jetpack shooters have to offer. We’re confident that this schedule change will help us do that.

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  2. TheDigits

    TheDigits Member

    Ah nice to hear ! It is fine with the Q1 2018 as long as I get to play the closed beta before I die of lung cancer. Just kidding, or am I? Dun dun dunnnn.
  3. JeToh

    JeToh Member

    How will we be notified/ receive our key?
  4. BugsPray

    BugsPray Midair Developer Staff Member

    Hi @JeToh - you will receive your key via email. :)
  5. Xarisic

    Xarisic New Member

    Thanks for the update! Its been great to watch streamers for the last few months, but can't wait to get in on the action!
  6. HassleHOF

    HassleHOF Member

    So is the closed beta being released alone or through Steam?
  7. Wildefyr

    Wildefyr Instant Access

    Both. The developers however will get a greater cut if you purchase through their store instead of using steam!
  8. HassleHOF

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    Sold! (Literally)

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  9. Fray

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  10. TheDigits

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    MINE TOO! Nice web design too btw.