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Midair Montage & Trailer Collection

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mindflayr, Jun 8, 2016.

  1. Not-Dare

    Not-Dare Instant Access

    okay every1 who posted in this thread had their youtube channel added to auto post on /r/fragvideos (dont abuse this)

    i didnt bother to post all the historical frag videos already made because the subreddit has 90 users.

    feel free to post your own videos that havent been posted on there, but if u posted in this thread ur channel has been hijacked to the reddit by ChannelBot
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  2. Wildefyr

    Wildefyr Instant Access

    Watch the explosive semifinal from the Midair Proving Grounds tourney. The Meme Team (Nark's) advanced first from Group A, while The Hotteas (thecaptiantea's) advanced second from Group B.

    The Meme Team:
    • Nark
    • Ravesty (tarzul)
    • PROJ
    • Joe (naner)
    • Gonno

    The Hotteas:
    • thecaptaintea
    • Schreq
    • Blakk
    • IcedWinds
    • Apollyon

    This match was the only one casted by myself during the competition after my team (fyrstarters), didn't get through due to the cap differential and not being asked to participate in the softlocke production. The match was streamed on - if you enjoyed the content please follow me there for more midair content in the future.
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  3. Not-Dare

    Not-Dare Instant Access

    +up vote ur posts on /r/fragvideos if u want

    the bot is finally autoposting most stuff on time
  4. Darklord

    Darklord Private Tester

    Montage #3.
  5. kzn

    kzn Instant Access

    Please help me stop making these

  6. opiapof

    opiapof Member

    Your editing sucks and you're a *scooting* bad player who also smells.
  7. kzn

    kzn Instant Access

    damn, son
  8. SoundGuy

    SoundGuy Private Tester

    I made another Montage. Enjoy (Hopefully)!

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  9. SoundGuy

    SoundGuy Private Tester

  10. HeaDCReePS

    HeaDCReePS Private Tester

    lil something i threw together. the nearly 100% raptor montage.
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  11. OttantUno

    OttantUno Instant Access

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  12. TylerMarket

    TylerMarket Human Goomba

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  13. shazb3d

    shazb3d Instant Access

  14. Wildefyr

    Wildefyr Instant Access

    Not 100% perfect, but esprit and I learnt plenty from putting it together; what works and what doesn't.

    Making quality serious montages is only made more difficult by there being no working demo system, not only in no longer being restricted by the first person view and UI, but also in terms of quality. My rig is capable of rendering at [email protected] but not while playing smoothly, and also running custom configurations to improve the graphical fidelity of the game after the fact. Hopefully demos will be back a few months before release so we can get some truly quality stuff out there from an already blossoming movie making community.

    I will probably also dump all of my footage onto mega at some point if anyone is keen to mess around without having to record themselves. I also plan to be streaming Midair regularly on twitch, see link below.
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  15. Launius

    Launius Instant Access

    Good stuff fyr, makes me wish I could play!
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  16. Mindflayr

    Mindflayr Moderator Staff Member

    Ok, I have Updated the Playlist to Include ALL VODS in this thread (over 1 minute) Except the 3 Posted since my last Update (Sep 4th) that got Muted by Youtube for Music copyright.

    I will be going back through the Previous Ones as well to make sure none of those are muted. I will Forum Mail anyone who has a montage removed from the list due to YT Copyright issues.

    And eventually here, I will make 5 New Playlists, all the 1s I mentioned before, plus a Special 1 that is just the top 5-6 Montages/Trailers/Etc that the Devs want to use to show off the game.
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  17. widow

    widow Instant Access

    Last montage, see you when ppl will come back! o_O

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  18. Shad

    Shad Private Tester

    Thought I'd throw this out before Alpha. For the breed that gets bored of short/single clips
    Didn't forget some cg for the AUS people
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  19. slush

    slush Private Tester

    video of me deepthroating a frozen tube of spaghettios. SFW
  20. slush

    slush Private Tester

    me teaching my dog to put on velcro sandals
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