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Missile Launcher

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Red Shifter, May 14, 2016.

  1. Red Shifter

    Red Shifter Instant Access

    I get that you'll probably make vehicles that need a hard counter like a missile launcher to lock onto it.

    Can we please have it not lock onto players, and please not do something like have it be steerable?

    It completely invalidates a grenade slot for flares and make spawn capping harder than it needs to be.
  2. Whitewhale

    Whitewhale Instant Access

    Locking missiles was one of t2s greatest sins
  3. enigma

    enigma Instant Access

    Agreed, if missile launcher is added to the game make them lock on base assets and vehicles only. It'll decrease the use of flares on defense which should make killing farm a bit easier without the use of blind spam.

    Perhaps a missile launcher can dumb-fire so it has some more utility, but even dumb-fired missiles should be affected by flairs else they could be used to snipe.
  4. TriggerFinger

    TriggerFinger Instant Access

    It would have been fine if the heat threshold had actually worked the way the manual said it would (i.e. heat dropping below the threshold breaks missile lock)
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  5. radiantkeen

    radiantkeen Alpha Access

    A lot of the issues with T2's missiles is that they were (much like a lot of T2) a buggy half-finished mess. Losing the heat lock _should_ have lost the missiles, but the lock only served to initiate the lock regardless, and then missiles had infinite turn/ground avoidance to comical effect - really when you exceed a missile's turn radius it should crash into a mountain. Properly implemented, missiles would not affect cappers running routes unless they were skiing head-on into one.

    I'd personally vouch for a Missile Launcher that worked correctly vs players, but not base assets. Also, perhaps a laser-guided addon to a Missile Launcher as well.
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  6. SeymourGore

    SeymourGore #1 Stinkiest NA

    Not a huge fan of missiles either, really felt like I was forced to keep flares handy in t2.

    What I'd prefer is to see vehicles susceptible to normal weapon fire but also have specific weaknesses. For example: that light jet Void was showing off the other day, would be fast and agile, however, it wouldn't offer any protection to the pilot. So a sniper or skilled player would try to kill the pilot instead of trying to pound rounds into the vehicle itself. Another example would be a heavy flying transport-type of vehicle. It could be heavily shielded on its sides, but have a weak point underneath the vehicle (say a fuselage of some sort) that would cause the vehicle to suffer heavier damage when shot there. Vehicles would still be a formidable opponent, but wouldn't require the use of a player operated heat-seeking missile to properly defend oneself against.

    Base assets could also be used to keep vehicles in check. A classic T1/T2 missile base turret that only fires at vehicles (or having these turrets target vehicles before players) would be devastating if the vehicle attempts to attack the enemy while the turrets are still active. This would also place extra importance for defenders to make sure their turrets and generator are operational.
  7. Whitewhale

    Whitewhale Instant Access


    Make them vulnerable to Ma mortars and I good ;)
  8. PROJ

    PROJ Private Tester

    This is how i felt, generally. Not allowing missiles to lock onto players at all means that the weapon is almost completely useless in most situations (sometimes in entire maps). Having at least a weak ability to do something to players is probably the best. Honestly, by the end of t2, good players could play defense without flares anyways, and those missiles were obnoxious.
  9. Fire

    Fire Luck King

    Give it a dumb fire or something. Super slow projectile with a long reload. There's other things you can do besides making it lock-on to players and teach noobs that flying in the air is bad.

    I'm big time against player lock-ons, though missile launchers as anti-air and a base destroying weapon (that is just plain worse than the mortar if you are good at that) is fine.
  10. slush

    slush Private Tester

    missles take skill because your reaction time to fire on lock needs to be quicker than a drag racer as the light illuminates the green glow of adrenaline.
  11. radiantkeen

    radiantkeen Alpha Access

    T2's missile launcher gets a bad rap because of the technical glitches it had. It could stay the same speed and do the same damage, just smart positioning/fast motion should be a counteraction on it's own. T2's missiles avoid terrain by following the curve of the terrain, which granted some modern missiles do, but they're more along the lines of cruise missiles. Flares shouldn't need to be a required part of your loadout, and really should be used rarely for say, tailgunner(s) on a vehicle.

    As mentioned before, In my opinion for balance sake these missiles should both lose the lock when heat is not maintained (which would make it very ineffective vs players/cappers unless it's something open air/maximum burn), and not follow terrain which would mean ducking behind a hill would make the missile explode on the other side of it. T2's missiles already had a limited turning radius of ~90 rad/sec which would be a fair implementation to use.
  12. Contingencyplan

    Contingencyplan Instant Access

    There should only be one Missile 'weapon' in this game, and it should be a Turret, and thats it. It was annoying in T:A it was annoying in T2. T1's Missile Turret at least changed strats for the maps it was on.

    Do you keep it online and have it wreck cappers? or spend your time killing them yourself because you are just. that. good?
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  13. SeymourGore

    SeymourGore #1 Stinkiest NA

    Yar, I liked the T1 turret. It was very effective against most enemies, but was also relatively easy to destroy.
  14. fr3nzy0089[[DD]]vampire

    fr3nzy0089[[DD]]vampire Instant Access

    but even easier to repair
  15. Dredboss

    Dredboss New Member

    I wouldn't have minded missiles in t2 if they lost lock when your heat went down. I think someone mentioned earlier that they were supposed to do that but didn't for reasons unknown.
  16. Nastyhobbit

    Nastyhobbit Moderator Staff Member

    um, missiles worked fine in t2c. you couldn't lock on to someone if they weren't generating enough heat. your window for getting a lock had to be when they were jetting and a brief moment while they cooled down.

    are you suggesting that once a missile was locked on and fired you would expect it to stop tracking you just because you decide to stop moving? christ have none of you have seen top gun? that's not how it works, it takes zero skill to 'stop moving' but it does require skill to use terrain, manage your heat level if you're exposed to a missile lock, ask your team for help by flaring for you and generally not being an attention whore during your approach. perhaps rethink jetting 400 metres in the air to recreate that sik youtube cap route you saw.

    they were essential to balancing out vehicles. even if they didn't connect they made the pilot leave the area which was often enough. on 'being forced to use flares', nobody on offence other than someone intending on grabbing the flag should take them. is the thought process something like "ok, imma ski down here, get the grab, stop to attack the LD, then resume my route" ? because that's a llama grab and you wouldn't have enough speed to be in the air long enough for a missile lock anyway. if your role is capping then you don't need anything other than flares. if you want to attack a base with a light armour and grenades then you have become light offence. if you abort your route and decide to get stuck into their LD then you can always dump your flares and pillage a corpse for normal grenades. you can't have everything.

    but seriously, if you couldn't get around a t2 map without someone getting a missile lock on you then it's because you never learned how. don't break the mechanics like ta did.
    Last edited: May 16, 2016
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  17. TriggerFinger

    TriggerFinger Instant Access

    It's a good thing this isn't Top Gun, then.

    It also takes zero skill to toss a flare. A large part of the complaint against missile is how binary they were: either had flares and you were fine, or you didn't and you were dead.

    Furthermore, it takes zero skill to stop jetting, sure. But to reduce your jetting by just enough to break missile lock, while still maintaining your course and speed as much as possible? That would take some skill.
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  18. Dacil

    Dacil Guest

    It also takes zero skill to play poorly with fake nails *flex* :D
  19. WitchDoctor

    WitchDoctor Instant Access

    im fairly sure that homing weapons would deter more people than it attracts.
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  20. Contingencyplan

    Contingencyplan Instant Access

    This x100.
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