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New Forum Rules & Bug Reporting Process

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Wizard, Aug 19, 2016.

  1. Wizard

    Wizard Release Manager Staff Member

    Hey everyone! This will be a bit more wordy than I’d like so I’ll add spoiler tags to make it more bearable. I’ve been spending some time going through each and every bug report on this forum and in other places like Slack. I’ll be honest; I think we can change a few things up to make it easier on you but also more effective for our team.

    Less formal. Focus on simple bug reporting and giving good steps for reproducing rather than worrying about formatting and templates. Fewer rules. Duplicate posts are fine. Screenshots and Videos are still awesome.

    The first thing I want to do is give you a quick rundown of how the whole bug process works and add some transparency around how your role as a Backer or Private Tester fits together with my role as QA Manager in this process.

    1. A bug gets reported.

    2. That bug has to be reproduced and understood at a higher level than just the fact that it’s happening.

    3. The bug is then moved to a triaging phase where project leadership determines the impact and priority in comparison to other bugs as well as new development being done.

    4. At this point, the bug is assigned to the development team to get fixed.

    5. Once the development team is done, they push it back to me for QA and approval for the next build or patch.

    6. We all profit.

    In order for you and I to be the most effective team we can be, we need to focus on our ability to understand and reproduce the bugs you find. If we can do that, we make the development team’s job way easier. The new bug reporting template is...there is no template. Let’s just talk to each other. I plan on busting my ass to reproduce everything you report. That being said, there are some key points that make my job easier. Those points are:

    • What’s not working properly?

    • How do I reproduce it?

      • Screenshots are great.

      • Videos are super great.

      • Logs are boring but can help if you’re building a cabin.

    If those things aren’t clear in your reports, I’ll still do what I can to reproduce the bug you’re having, but if I can’t I might ask you to give a bit more info.

    Let’s talk about forum rules. I really don’t have any huge set of rules here other than these few:

    • Let’s keep this content related to bugs and bug reports as much as possible. I’m not really opposed to suggestions and things, just know this isn’t the place where those topics have the best effect or get the most visibility.

    • Duplicate posts are fine. I had someone tell me they weren't sure if they should report a bug or not because they were afraid of getting fussed at over the duplicate post rule. That's not what I'm about. Report everything you find and I'll handle it from there. Most of us don’t come here to read through every other thread or run searches to see if a bug is known. You're just trying to help and I want you to know I appreciate that.

    • The same attitude and anti-flaming rules apply here that apply in all the other forums.

    I do want to keep the media upload process the same as before. From what I could tell, all of you had that down pretty well so I don’t see any need to make any changes there. I’ve included it below.

    Screenshots Dropbox File Request:

    Videos Dropbox File Request:

    Dropbox Folder with both Screenshots and Videos:
    Password: dopemidairbro

    Instructions: Upload your screenshot or video, then navigate to the dropbox folder above, click your upload and highlight the url, copy that and paste it into your bug in the correct place. It will have a dl=0 on the end of the URL if it is the correct one. Use aliases instead of personal/proper names. Thank you.

    Lastly, the more bugs we narrow down and reproduce, the faster they get fixed and the more focus can be spent on new content. Help me turn this bug-to-fix process into a well oiled machine!


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