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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ricefrog, Sep 17, 2018.

  1. ricefrog

    ricefrog New Member

    After a pang of nostalgia I got drunk and installed Midair. I'm more gamejammer than a gamer these days, so I've fallen on my habit of compiling a list of short notes.

    But first let me say that this is a great game you've made here. It looks and feels very nice. The deep design vision shows, for example I am impressed by the way that the ring launcher seems way more balanced with the chain than it was in T:A. Most of all your small community of players is really friendly. I was flubbing flag passes, dishing out team damage, embarrassing myself in duels/chases/grabs, and playing a lot of swiss-cheese LoF, but absolutely nobody taunted or raged at me. In fact people were really friendly about it, like some guy named fluxx who started horsing around by insisting on passing me the flag as I LoFed instead of scoring himself, often to.... sub-optimal results.

    So thanks for the flashbacks and friendliness.

    Here are a few notes, in no particular order. I understand many of these have solutions, it's just that these are little splinters I had as a brand new player:

    1. Must admit first contact w/ game was a little raw: Moment 1 is wall of text, followed immediately by second wall of text retreading same point ("play the tutorial"). Tutorials are solid though. Next I find out-of-match loadout screen super confusing. Next, server browser is depressing: zero players. I connect to empty server, it loads a minute, then fails. Try again, same result. Try another server, I'm in, and just at this low moment a bright light: some people arrive from nowhere, one starts giving me discjump lessons??? Awesome!

    2. Return of team damage is fine, but it's OP without VVS to balance it. (Global 4-key VGRS not cutting it)

    3. I cannot see chaingun bullets, and have no idea where they are going. Cannot learn what I cannot see. Zooming in yields some ability to see where the bullets go.

    4. REALLY need firing range w/ dummies, like T:A or Overwatch has. Doesn't need actual T2-like bot support, just a ghosted playback of enemy player transform positions that I can gun down. I got so desperate for this feature I went back into the shooting tutorial, but the range there is not useful, it does not allow me to use any weapon but disk, and it force-teleports me out very quickly. I even tried K in the tutorial to reset the target count but it does not allow it, kill count preserved through reset. Sliding past offline turrets in the basement of the tutorial to practice chaingun was... unhelpful.

    5. Playing in 3rd is pretty nice overall, but I wish there was a per-weapon unique reticle so I know what weapon I have out.

    6. Maybe it's the resolution I had to step down to on my non-gaming laptop, but wowzers the hud is very very cluttered with all the huge names and healthbars. With team damage and alphabet soup of a scramble, I just don't dare act. The number of pixels for IFF + name + healthbar far outweighs the pixels for the character, so I have a lot of trouble tracking whether I have LOS to a target, or if they are beyond that hill.

    7. The musical fanfare audio cues for flag state-changes are not intuitive to me. More than once I had no idea whether we scored or they returned in a mad scramble at the stand. I know there is text, but I have to filter it out to play so it doesn't exist to my eye in a tight situation.

    8. I love the voicebind for incoming+direction, very nice. But in that critical second the triple-keystroke is a bit of a fumble. After botching a disk on flag trying it, I went into the menu to bind them to Alt+WASD but was disappointed to see they aren't bindable. Stopped using feature.

    9. Some shadowed areas of maps are very very dark and I can't see anything, and there is no gamma setting.

    10. I should probably just bind W to suicide so I can learn to chase. So, so hard to stop pressing this button. I press it so hard I think my laptop keyboard is beginning to develop a problem.

    11. Unlock thing... initially it was annoying not to have epack or nade launcher. But then it was so easy to get them. Then after that, nothing is worth unlocking. Only LCTF is played, so heavy is useless (Goodbye HoF/HO, which I love). I said, well at least I can unlock this light weapon. Nope, that's banned in LCTF, but only told after unlock. Also true of jammer pack. Also true of boost augment. In summary, the unlock system negatively impacted my first 1 hour of play and then became irrelevant. Is it useful?

    12. Majority of the time, when a map first starts, it is voted away. Map end is a possible quitting time, where the game should take greatest care not to lose my interest, but instead it encourages me : "Are you *sure* you wouldn't like to quit?"

    13. Few tech issues: game froze when message came up "gifted proxy manaborn", seems like someone did me a favor that went poorly? Game froze randomly two other occasions in middle of play. Also, changing the resolution and setting to fullscreen mode created a state where the UI elements were "invisibly shifted" so that the mouse had to be one inch to the right of them to activate them. This left the settings menu unclickable, and I had to locate and manually edit the ini files to restore the game to working condition by editing the resolution.

    Anyway, I don't know if notes like that are any use. I know with my little hobby games I quickly lose sight of the new-player experience and can't sympathize, so I trade notes with other devs about what those first moments look like to fresh eyes.

    Overall I had a lot of fun, and actually kept interrupting a project I had wanted to spend the whole weekend on to play a bunch of this instead.

    Probably the highlight moment was when I was playing on the flag and my teammate called out "incoming right!" I turned quickly and the grab was right top of us, I snapped off an instinct ring and MAed him, knocking him off into the wall, then our capper flew in and scored two seconds later. Another few seconds and in the confusion of our D trying to mop up that failed grabber, I saw another grab coming in and threw myself onto our flag and laid the bodyblock on him and kept the flag home. I was like holy shit I'm actually playing D again like it was 2003 and I could get something done.

    Mostly it was swiss cheese, airballs, and cratering. But it was fun to have a quick taste of that high again after all these years.

    Probably a good thing for my productivity that you don't have that shooting gallery, after all...
  2. DÆMAN

    DÆMAN Private Tester

    You can probably run the game at a higher resolution if you check out some of the configuration options and use a custom .cfg - search for Fyr's configuration thread on these forums. That should help with performance and make the UI more tolerable.