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Nice videos people!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TheDigits, Jun 26, 2016.

  1. TheDigits

    TheDigits Member

    Hey man, I have been following the occassional Midair footage, that some of you rich IA's have been uploading. Game looks really good and I don't know if it is just me who ate that green stuff under the sink, but the graphics seems very nice (and different idk??).

    The most recent one I saw, the players did some pretty kewl body-blocking. How is the feeling and current situation with melee? I was just like: "By the love of Valhalla, a lance would have been awesome there (watching someone body-block)".

    Game looks very kewl man! Can't wait to join and groundpou.... erhm.. Midair you!
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  2. ellbee

    ellbee Instant Access

    considering how early in development the game is, it feels really tight. no melee of any type yet but as i understand it they are certainly planning to implement it in one form or another.
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  3. Siberian

    Siberian Instant Access

    melee in tribes ????

    blarghhhhh.. plz just NO !!!
  4. Not-Dare

    Not-Dare Instant Access

    nah u dont understand.

    this can be voted on and off

    and it is just too stupidly fun to pull off during trick routes, or fooling around or flag passing or even team rabbit

    its an amazing mechanic in certain situations and blows in others

    obviously banned in LT but i mean come on who doesnt want to kill ppl with a sword and a jetpack :p
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