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Feedback Opinion of a player from Tribes, feedback of gameplay and ideas for devellopers

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Kalporest, Aug 17, 2018.

  1. Kalporest

    Kalporest New Member

    Hi, I'm a very old player of Tribes : Ascend and after the death of the game, about 5 years ago, I was sad. But now i retrieve the sensation of this FPS thanks to MidAir's development.

    Excuse all my mistakes etc... for the language. I'm a baguette player (FR), the languages are not our speciality

    Please, pin this topic or do something to have a clear feedback topic for the developers
    A topic from everyone to report them our opinions and they can read it easily

    Personal opinion : I will compare with Tribes. Don't think this is the same, this game has his own personality, but the only game similar is Tribes which MidAir is based on

    For all players from our lovely game, dead now, you will retrieve a lot of sensations from this game. The developers have done a good job to make a simili, with their own personality. Some weapons are known from everyone like [spinfusor = disc luncher] and the mechanic of Jetpack-Ski is really good with some exceptions quote more far in this topic.

    We can like the gameplay around the hills, the kinetic applied to the shots and a good area of fight, subdivided by the two bases and the noman's land. A good choice we can note : the movements are not blocked by the blue wall which limit the map and we can take profit of this. However this blue wall is repulsive, opaque and too marked to take the initiative of this action for new players (ad to feedback)

    For the system of classes and equipment = Light-Medium-Heavy with liberty of weapons and equipments. Freeing itself from the rigid [pathfinder-sentinel-infiltrator] equipement, it makes more accessible without breaking the gameplay for the 3 classes. Needs a little balancing explained more far. We have only the mobility, life and details changing for each of them

    Conditions for some weapons exist to compensate (sniper -> light ; mortar -> heavy etc..)

    The arsenal is like explained : Weaponry (3light-4medium-5Heavy) max, Augment packs which is equivalent of [Abilities+Perks+varied buffs] and finally the Item slot (the throwables like grenades or mines)
    The number of weapons is reduced but this is not a real argument because the game is beginning his life. Just wait for more contents, this is not a AAA product

    The maps are varied enough, have their own gameplay and strategies. The maps are globally the same area or even bigger than in Tribes, go trought the wall ! An upgrade we can like is the add of flat areas in the landscape to make more visible roads but more accessible to the majority of newbies players (ad to feedback)

    Concerning the supply buildings (turrets, sensor, generator), their strategic support is good and some players have to defend these objects. A good card which enriched Tribes and now MidAir even so there are not vital to the team. A very good point to the design of the turrets, i like them a lot (personal taste)

    The community is good, taunting friendly and fairplay. Only the future can say more, if they will stay with this good mentality. The community is learning, players are coming slowly. We can see sometimes some veterans from 5 years. The skill is not very high now but it increases slowly too. Hurry to play now !
    Only 1 bad point : players kicked me because i was attacking the buildings and they were bored. Should remove this kick-vote

    Graphically the game is a cartoon like Team Fortress 2. For my personal taste i prefers Tribes with more realistic choices but : this is a taste. This graphical choice don't impact the gameplay and the interface is clear and readable. The visibility is more bad in buildings, some difficulties to find the path to the generator (sometimes very little wholes) or repair kits occur (ad to feedback)

    However, even for a cartoon, a graphical upgrade will be necessary in the future

    If you want my personal rate : 13/20 with a very high potential for the future : meaby a good 18/20 when the improvements will be effective in the gameplay, map design and arsenal principally
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  2. Kalporest

    Kalporest New Member

    For my feedback and my ideas now. Meaby it looks like more bad than explained upper, but don't worry. It's because I'm going to dwell on the details and the problems :

    We will begin by the biggest problem for me : the kinetic management around the jetpack and mobility. For a more fluid and readable gameplay, it needs a little "casual improve"

    -Overheating is disabling and very frustrating, particularly for newbies players. We can not miss our trajectory and keep a constant speed by making a pendulum on a hill because of it, overheating drains the speed and slows the movement. Problems to move in/on buildings happen too etc...
    If it's for balancing, it's better to target other mechanics and remove this one. This is my most important criticism of the gameplay and it impacts too many the versus fights and mobility in the whole game, too many difficult to learn and disabling in buildings

    -The kinetic thrust of the jetpack is too slow at low speed and gargantuan at high speed when climbing high points and hills (more than 100km/h) = really, really high jumps ! Needs balancing like a cap of maximum thrust, reachable in 1s, nerfed at high speeds.

    -Aerial movement is not manoeuvrable especially for aerial/low-speed trajectory adjustments. At high speeds it is understandable (120+ km/h) but must be improved particulary in the air and after at lower speeds. Aerial fights are not enough present, we prefer more land fighting with actual mechanics

    -The maps don't have enough clear and intuitive paths connecting the bases and the strategic hills. Some hills don't have enough regular surfaces to take profit of Ski. We take obstacles quite often in our beautiful curves so perfect...
    Fights on perfect paths with speed 100+ km/h can't be performed, the surfaces and hills are not enough regular or giant to obtain a sufficient fluid gunfight

    Highways can be a very good solution to have clear paths, readable for newbies, noman's land for professionals (lol !).
    You can add more strategic turrets to make the highways deadly = more defence classes congrats, more objectives to protect, more strategies !

    -Most of buildings where the generators are, are very confusing in pathfinding, too many little wholes unclear, and the overheating of Jetpack causes problems to ride up to the fight or to the flags once the repairs done. A color choice can be the problem : The colors are not dull enough to distinguish the decor of players and objectives

    -Another critic of buildings is the difficulty to have a clear fight into. A solution can be to increase the size and make the buildings an infinite energy reserve. It wont increase many the escape opportunities because of the plan surfaces for Ski and the permanent contact with the walls. It will increase the manoeuvrability and the intensity of indoor fights : fight or die !

    Add more objects and wall to limit different rooms will nerf the escape opportunities if you need to balance, making the buildings deadly !
    An innovation more : underground paths connecting bases can be intense annex ways

    -For some maps, the areas below the flags are really too irregulars and punishing, for the attack team and for the defence. Some wholes just break all the speed of the movements we do, gunfights can be chaotic and chase a target is difficult sometimes
    The map design in his globality needs appointments. However I can't be a bastard and say the job is bad done. The maps are enjoying globally, some key area need reworks to have a better gaming experience

    -Concerning the flags, we need more annex paths to obtain high speed and perform quick flagcaps and we need flags more exposed to opportunities. There are too many protected by the buildings. At equal skills, a good defence of 3-4 guys make the flag unreachable without strong assault teams. The flagcapper job is the most difficult class to play because of this and the aerial manoeuvrability

    -On the contrary, a perfect flagcap is very difficult to counter because of mobility problems quote upside. A perfect timing coupled to reaction time and the delay of movement of the first interceptors make a capper irretrievable.
    The concussion grenade used for this is too difficult to use because of its ballistics and self-timer. It would be better to have an impact grenade

    Now the weaponry critics :

    -Some weapons need balancing. The machinegun really needs a buff on her accuracy at long range and needs to remove the progressive fire rate. Even if it's deadly at close range, its poor performances on long range make it the worst weapon of the arsenal

    The Plasma Gun is a weapon to keep in your eyes. It's really useful to destroy the strategic buildings, very good assault weapon, don't change this. Even so this is a deadly weapon in pvp. The skillcap of Plasma Gun is really high with his little AoE but once the community has learned, this weapon will be the most powerful of the arsenal. Need a pvp nerf I think

    Similar critics for the Railgun !

    -The repair toolgun is a really good innovation comparate to the inspired game. But actually this item is too strong for its little inconveniant. This tool can heal yourself with your energy but it makes monster players harassing defencers non-stop. It allows too many self-sustain

    A solution to keep the mechanic and increase the team interaction is to make the effect mate-to-mate. It allows defencer healer who heal their team before send them back to the fights and combat enginner to support the friendly harassers on enemy base. It makes a vulnerable pair during the time of the heal, good target for a sniper or respawning defencers. It gives opportunities to break the assault by focusing 2 importants carry at once

    This mechanic need to be explained in tutorials or something else because it's not intuitive, but it allows new rich strategies to the assault-defence gameplay

    -The turrets are too strong for the number we can deploy. Actually with not many players, they are very lethal vs them !

    -We do need a melee weapon to open to aerial beautiful shlashs and to sneak behind the enemies (mouahaha !)

    -The weapons' caliber is the same for all classes. This make troubles for skill rewarding in fights.
    To make simple : The heavy is not enough rewarded when he shots a light or performs good shots outdoor with his bad mobility and hitbox. On contrary a light has to many power outdoor, too powerful for his mobility and/or hitbox. A good balancing can be to do the same as in a famous game : light, normal and heavy caliber of weapons with different tables of damage, AoE etc...

    -The missile launcher is a weapon really particular. It will be difficult to balancing in the future if it can targets often the infantry. I can't do more detailed critics because I don't see it often

    -The vehicles are useless but it's normal in a game with the mobility as first priority. They can be used only in defence and if the surface is good to advance. With irregular surfaces, they are more big HP abandoned vehicles than optional strategy. A better map design will buffed a lot their utility, permits them to be useful on assaults too

    -The 3 classes need to be available at the beginning. Unlock their upgrades later is normal but the players need to have the classes available to understand at their first game the utility of each and there strategies. Everytime we need lights, mediums and heavys on attack and on defence. This restriction slows the community learning. Changing this make a game more accessible

    -To finish with weaponry, as I said the arsenal need more weapons. But it's normal, you are a beginning game. A mechanic of "weapon type" can be a good gameplay innovation and a good economic model. Example :

    We need different Disc Luncher for diversity of gameplay, some players like powerful weapons with poor accuracy and others prefer the oposite

    In the Unlock Tree, unlock the Disc Luncher type, obtain the default Disc Luncher weapon
    After, with a new system of farmable money with played time, you can buy different variants of Disc Luncher with different statistics etc...

    This make a money you can sell, sell booster of money farm, you can even create a 2nd money only buyable with $$$ to accede faster to this content
    This unlocks you funds to finance the game and the upgrades

    You can repeat the model to all weapon types, throwables, and with some creativity to the Augment packs

    Just be careful with this method, the frontier between F2P and Pay-to-win is thin. A Pay-to-Win on this model is a weapon variant only buyable with $$$, can't be obtained by another way. It's very frustrating for Free players only and make them toxic for the community

    This economic plan can permits to this game to stay a free-to-play, and a community more present on the game to farm some money = more ads/sponsor and more players on the servers

    More you will be working on the game's quality, more the players will come in big numbers, do not favor profits over play quality is the recipe of a good game which growths

    Now the progression system, it will be short

    -The progression Tree with the XP is good. Fast enough to obtain upgrades quickly etc...
    As said upper, just the 3 classes unlocked at the beginning and it will be perfect for newbies
    No more to say than : Good job

    Globally, this game needs a lot of little upgrades with the majors : Movement control and Map design. But in the background, this game is really good and he has the potential to overtop from the AAA reserve. Once the gameplay has been improved and fluidized, the community will explodes like a baby-boom

    Personally, I will continue to play to this game. You gained one player more ! If you continue to listen to the community and do your best to do the best FPS ever, you will be rewarded for your work

    I really trust in your potential Archetype Studios !

    Good bye and good luck
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  3. Kalporest

    Kalporest New Member

    Nobody add something ? My english is really bad but we need to debate about the game !
  4. Pumpelche

    Pumpelche Instant Access

    Hey Kal, quite a work there. Unftly, as far as I understood, the game is not under heavy development anymore and even smaller adjustments take time.
  5. Rod Stagger

    Rod Stagger New Member

    That last tribes game was trash. Some slight adjustments, and this thing's on point.