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Portable inventory station removes 1 change when used

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by namarath, May 22, 2018.

  1. namarath

    namarath New Member

    When entering a deployed portable inventory station as engineer with +1 Charge and Repair augments and all 3 charges, 1 charge gets subtracted, so that the players has now 2 changes.

    The question is: is this a bug or a feature?
    If this behaviour is not intended, than using a portable inventory with 3 engineering charges should leave the player with all 3 charges.

    1. equip the engineering loadout
    2. equip +1 Charge and Repair augments
    3. use a portable inventory station while having all 3 charges
    4. feel the pain of running to a stationary inventory station to get your changes back...

    I'm assuming here, that portable stations are intended to replenish only up to 2 of the 3 available charges for balance reasons. So that using a station with 2 out of 3 changes leaves you still with only 2 changes.
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  2. Kromatic

    Kromatic New Member

    I just noticed this last night as well. Thanks for reporting from a fellow Engineer.
  3. ColonelBlair

    ColonelBlair Member

    You're not supposed to get 3 charges at a remote inv, to stop people being able to put up remote invs SUPER quick (but in reality it's still pretty darn quick)

    But I doubt it was intended for it to drain a charge if you had more. I'd say it's a bug, but one you're likely to have to live with.
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  4. LilysHate

    LilysHate New Member

    you cant have both worlds!!
    either you don't lose your 3rd and you will die.... (from low health)
    you replenish your health but stay under the remote Station 2charge rule.