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Some Concerns.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gryp, Jun 17, 2016.

  1. Gryp

    Gryp Instant Access

    Initially I was going to make this post in the "New Player" feedback thread, but I don't feel that it's an appropriate thread for this topic..

    So I love the game, it's great, and I am really excited to see where things go, that said, there are a couple of issues that I think either need clarification.

    Toxic behavior within the IA community:

    I won't name name's at the moment, but I have noticed some negative behavior from several members of our community when things aren't done to their liking.

    This mainly pertains to the crowd of people that are currently attempting to "force" players to play a certain way (i.e. unofficial game-types yet to be implemented), and when players do not conform they are being harassed, and disrespected by this small subset of players. I've witnessed players leaving the game because of this treatment.

    I do not believe that this is appropriate behavior. With the exception of a small group of players, we've all paid for the "Privilege" of having early access to this game.

    Complaining, and attempting to force players to play a certain way on the only populated server is not fair to the new members of the community who may be unfamiliar with your "Rules", and also to those players who have limited time, but who still want to partake in the testing of this game.

    So with that said, I have several questions for the development team.


    What is the official stance of the development team on the topic of Toxic Behavior within the IA community? What is to be tolerated, what isn't allowed?

    Are we as a community expected to abide by these "unofficial" rule sets being imposed by a small portion of the community?

    What is the policy in regards to harassment within the IA community, and what is the preferred method for reporting of said behavior?

    The purpose of this Instant Access is to test all aspects of this game, correct?

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  2. Odio

    Odio Instant Access

    People need to toughen up. If you paid to be here, don't let some asshole talk you out of it. Play the way you want, there's nothing they can do to stop you (yet).
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  3. XU1

    XU1 Instant Access

    Just ignore them :) (I should take my own advice) and play the way you want. Test everything in the game. That's your job! You're a tested lol.

    If people want to play with rules eg. 5 vs 5 t1 style, they can organise a time slot on a server.
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  4. Not-Dare

    Not-Dare Instant Access

    gryp trolls tw about being self-diagnosed bipolar for the last 10 years. please ban me asap if this is the type of person im going to be reading "community guidelines" and concern trolls of. im here to talk about tribes not ppls political or emotional issues.
  5. Application-1

    Application-1 Private Tester

    So far I have only seen people ask whoever uses deployables or heavies when LT is on to not use them and explain why. If you have seen worse cases f.e tking the person constantly then yh that sucks but I have yet to see that. Feel like you are overexaggerating things. People just asking hey man we are playing lt then someone show up and place turrets all around the stand isnt yo I am testing leave me alone in my safe bubble of love. No that person if he keeps doing it after being asked not too is being a poopoohead.

    We gotta do it together.
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  6. Rooster128

    Rooster128 Instant Access

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  7. widow

    widow Instant Access

    This is why I ask to rotate map 1 LT and 1 Base.
    To avoid only LT loop and allow ppl use heavy or railgun and not being TK by all (admin too)

    But no one cares, i also spoke to Jordan 2 days ago about this problem (LT+TK) nothing happens...
    Maybe dev must handle seriously this problem.
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  8. Schreq

    Schreq Private Tester

    Its not ok to harass other players but at the same time it's not ok to ruin Lt for all the people who want to play it properly. Start a vote for a base map if you want to play with all the equipment.

    Saying its ok to use w/e equipment because the game is not enforcing the proper Lt rules is like trying to justify 50 team kills by saying there is no auto kick.
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  9. miri

    miri Instant Access

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  10. Gryp

    Gryp Instant Access

    I'm not saying that dropping a farm in an LT game is appropriate behavior. As far as the TKing I can't speak to that.

    My main point of contention is the behavior that ensues when people don't conform to a particular style of play.

    Not everyone wants LT, Rabbit, or base. But we all want to play with other people.
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  11. slush

    slush Private Tester

    Gryp you were using sniper in LT. As you may want to use it, it's frowned upon during the honor system stage of LT that is in place. If you use it during LT you will be told not to. The "rules" have been posted on here by either testers, admins, or a dev. I don't recall who exactly. No one in the community just made these up.
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  12. widow

    widow Instant Access

    All know LT rules... problem is we are in a pre-alpha test, we are few, and for changing maps from LT to Base must call admin and it's not easy etc. etc.
    The purpose of this pre-alfa is not to guarantee LT/base rules but test the game, we are not in a tournament...

    Anyway if devs set map rotation 1LT and 1 base we avoid all conflict pacefully.
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  13. widow

    widow Instant Access

    i really don't know... no one say split community, or server. I know we are few... i wrote that... i say to change map rotation.. o_O
    So we can thest heavy, deployables, turret etc... not LT only..
  14. Vitalica

    Vitalica Instant Access

    2 weeks into IA testing and we haven't even gotten our 3rd game mode yet. Why are we even testing LT game mode if the rule set in game aren't even implemented yet or the UI isn't even set up like the inventory station loadout? I understand its for testing, but save it after the rule/invo UI been setup for LT and we're not using base rule set in the combination of LT. Also everyone seem to be keep forgetting that this is Midair and not Tribes, don't know why everyone trying to implement every feature that tribes had into Midair when Midair is its own game and should be developed in its own way.
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  15. Schreq

    Schreq Private Tester

    Yeah, and that can only work when we play according to what the majority wants. If the majority wants to play lt without snipers don't disrupt it. Likewise if most people want to play lt with whatever the game allows right now, no one should try to force them to play real lt rules.

    At the end it comes down to communication. Ask if its ok if you snipe a little. Or try to start a vote for a base map.

    Anyway, this is blown way out of proportion already. Less attitude, more talking and most importantly, more awesome games <3
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  16. Gryp

    Gryp Instant Access

    You and I pretty much just covered this in Slack, so I'll keep my response brief. I do snipe in LT, as my main interest in Tribes/Midair has always or almost always been related to defense (LD and Farm). I don't farm, as well, its wholly inappropriate at this point in time. Unless someone is being super salty I don't O snipe, I hang at the base, and generally only focus on the FC.
  17. Gryp

    Gryp Instant Access

    I don't want to play LT. I want to play Midair. If I wanted LT, I would go play T1.
  18. Schreq

    Schreq Private Tester

    I think I'm done here.
  19. SeymourGore

    SeymourGore #1 Stinkiest NA

    Yar, I haven't been on all that much, so haven't seen much toxicity. For the most part, it's been more goofiness than anything serious (except for a PT that huff n puff'd before ragequitting the server). Last night a LT server went into 'base' mode (I was also guilty of this for going HO), but it seemed like once people wanted to play true LT - things quieted down.

    This early in the game, I'd rather see more 'sandbox-style' play than anything too rigid. So far, the most fun I've had with Midair was an impromptu rabbit match that took place in a LT game.

    I'm thinking once we do get separate servers, hard coded rules, and abilities to form PUGs - things will go along much more smoothly.
  20. Darklord

    Darklord Private Tester

    This is completely and utterly the wrong way to look at things.

    Midair is Pre-Alpha right now. There are many, many things that are well known to be intended functionality that are not yet implemented. It isn't 'testing' for you to be running Cloak Heavy, or bringing offensive turrets with you in LT, or any of a dozen other things. The code to prevent that behavior is not yet implemented, but one would hope that people have the maturity to not abuse these obvious loopholes and incredibly overpowered ways of playing once it has been explained to them. Up until the build before IA players were let in, there were still Unreal Engine cheat codes in place that anyone could use. No one did. Just because something exists, does NOT mean it is OK to use in public games.

    We don't even have Kick functionality yet, so we cannot clean up the servers of people doing things like that. The one option open is to explain to them (usually at least 3 times in a row) in chat that what they are doing is wrong, and to TK deployables that they place.

    What it boils down to is Gryp wants to have fun at the expense of everyone else in the server, and when people tell him to stop, he falls back on a victim complex. The railgun is banned from LT for a reason -- spawning with a sniper is incredibly strong. The only reason it isn't a big problem right now is because all of the players good enough to make it clear why it is such a horrid idea follow the rules that will be implemented. People like Gryp abusing the gametype are forcing the devs to work on hard coding the ruleset in ASAP, instead of working on other important functionality.