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Theres no one playing

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Rev_Night, Nov 7, 2017.

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  1. Rev_Night

    Rev_Night New Member

    I can't tell how many times ive logged in and theres a whole long line of 0s for the server. And I'm EST too. The only server I ever consistently see 5+ people in is a locked PUG.

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  2. KindaGamey

    KindaGamey Instant Access

    Shall I complain about pugs again? The elitists in their ivory towers? The try-hards who make it terrible for the casual masses? Nay! I shall not!
  3. Whitewhale

    Whitewhale Instant Access

    Yep, just remember it's ur fault but it's ok if u join discord then irc then download mumble then get pug bots going u can play the game u paid for
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  4. Bootswiththefur

    Bootswiththefur Instant Access

    Game feel dead
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  5. Rev_Night

    Rev_Night New Member

    game dead
    much wake
  6. joe

    joe Instant Access

    Yesterday I joined an empty pub and ran some routes. After about 10 minutes we had a 5v5 game going for 3-4 maps. I also play pugs regularly when I don't have time or motivation to sit in a server to drum up action.

    ur dumb
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  7. shazb3d

    shazb3d Instant Access

    “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

    Mahatma Gandhi

    TTHREAZ New Member

    I haven't played in 2.5 months. I can't stand the overall feel of the game. :)
  9. Whitewhale

    Whitewhale Instant Access

    Ur the ones killing ur community red

    Wait till open beta though !!!

    Imagine how many people can look at locked servers then !!!
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  10. Pumpelche

    Pumpelche Instant Access

    *HAHAHAHAHA* Damn.
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  11. Whitewhale

    Whitewhale Instant Access

    To be fair I blame the dev team

    Should have nipped this in the bud a year ago

    Don't expect a community to do what is in its long term interests

    Been here from the start , seen this thread dozens of times

    Senior players should also be embarrassed for not speaking up, groupthink
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  12. Pumpelche

    Pumpelche Instant Access

    White List. Burn me. Ban me. I'd even prefer it - being forced away.
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  13. p0ke

    p0ke Private Tester

    There could be a few soltions but Whitewhale is right, they depend on the community. Here are a few of my ideas:
    - Be the first one joining the server, don´t wait until 1 or 2 ppl joined before you.
    - JOIN a server and dont test your routes only in the local mode. If I check the steam midair group there are 5 or 6 players "playing" midair but nobody is on the server. That means to me that at least a few of them practising in local mode.
    - Use the serverlist. I´ve put a link to my smartphones home screen to check with one click if there are ppl online.

    All the ideas are only a patchwork but could help at least a bit.
    I would like to see an indicator if somebody is willing to play. But somehow discord is not my thing....
  14. Rev_Night

    Rev_Night New Member

    i shouldnt have to discord/mumble/bittah just to play the goddamn game
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  15. Gorthaur

    Gorthaur Instant Access

    How about sometimes unlocking the pug server and playing base? Still pick teams for the core players but then let random people join as cannon fodder. Could name it "Competitive Server" and have a rule against slow grabbing. Isn't it getting old playing 5v5 lctf with the same group of people for the last two years?
  16. cp.

    cp. New Member

    I've been idling/routing for the last 2 hours, no one joined :) ok its midweek afternoon, but still. p0ke u dont use discord?

    @Rev_Night, until this game gets a steady (larger) playerbase its prolly necessary to use some sort of communication to get people to play
  17. shazb3d

    shazb3d Instant Access

    Better than playing pubs. You guys act like people prefer unorganized play.
  18. Implosions

    Implosions Private Tester

    Agreed, zero players playing instead of 10 in a pug server is much more preferable amirite?
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  19. Moose

    Moose Private Tester

    Here comes the broken record pubs vs pugs again. The people who pub/pug lctf do not want to be bothered with base pubs/pugs. Base is broken in many ways and 90% of the people who you are reffering to would rather not play than play base.

    Recent ex. a server has 20 ppl playing lcft. Map get changed to base. 15 of those people leave because they dont want base. Pub dies. Pug starts

    500+ with access bitching about no pubs - 498 people unwilling to sit in server or organize a pub...... there seems to be a deception that problem with lack of pub players is because of the people wanting organized one can seem to get this through their heads.

    Aussies have a good community, they set up pubs and pugs in both base and LT. Same could be done in NA/EU if the community members who want base pubs make it happen.
    Insted of bitching, how aboot you take initiative and set up a base night or sit in a server and get one started.

    Be part of the solution.

    Finger pointing and playing the blame game is childish...grow up.
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  20. slush

    slush Private Tester

    Here ill say it u guys r *scooting* idiots and if ppl dont join a server u cant pub. how about all u dumbass *scoot*heads join the server at the same exact time that way u can play. anyone on the planet can play this gamr regardless of pugs. shut the *scooting* *scoot* UP and man up n join a server or start a cult of pubbers. Ill join but only if ppl r playing LOL HOW IRONIC CUS THATS WAT EVERYONE THINKS WHICH IS Y NO ONE IS PLAYING LOOOOOL
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