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Trello - Midair Top User Issues

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TylerMarket, Aug 27, 2017.

  1. TylerMarket

    TylerMarket Human Goomba

    This thread is for suggestions and gathering support for ideas to be added to the Trello Top User Issues page.
  2. Fixious

    Fixious #1 Internet Sleuth

    Guess I'll just reiterate my main complaints (in no real order) and link to the Trello card if it already exists.
  3. Timezown

    Timezown New Member

    My biggest issue with the game is the sound design.... it just all feels kinda flat and boring to me. This is one of the things TA got right imo, the sound design and ambience created a lot of immersion that is lacking in this game (example).Maybe due to its more cartoonish art style there will be less immersion out of principle, but it could still use some work. I would personally like a better wind effect, the one TA used is fantastic and i'd like something more akin to that. I also have never really liked the wep sounds from the very start, and I still don't. They just... lack the *oomph* i'd like to hear.

    Fixious covered a lot of other issues that I agree with. Vehicle controls in particular.
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  4. Nameless

    Nameless Instant Access

    Third person is terrible and i hope they are trying to fix it. It doesn't feel like an extension of first person. The camera jolts to a different position and so does your cross hair which is really annoying. I wanna play in third person because that what i enjoy and how i mostly played in T:A but can't. That's my biggest issue with the game right now. In T:A i can spam the third person button without feeling sick because it's a very smooth transition and that's just not possible with Midair, the transition to third person is awful.
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  5. Fixious

    Fixious #1 Internet Sleuth

    • Being able to zoom while piloting a vehicle or as a bomber would be super nice.
    • Command screen would be great, mainly for sensors.
    • Nerf (again) or remove turret screenshake, along with the size of the explosions so they don't block your vision.
    • Turrets can be hard to see from a distance (i.e. as HO). I unfortunately don't have a suggestion for how to fix this.
    • The Options window doesn't go away when you press Escape, which can be sorta confusing if you want to mess with your loadout or something later on (more of a bug than feature request).
    • The game shouldn't change your weapon when zoomed in and use the scroll wheel.
    • An announcer would be pretty nice, rather than just a short tune that plays when a flag is returned/capped. Text differentiating between drops and tosses would also be nice.
    • Show long-distance midairs in chat for all to see. Can put a high threshold to reduce spam.
    • Show flag grab speeds in chat as well.
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  6. Things that need fixing and possible solutions:

    Chaingun: Increase the cone of fire and make it heat up, requiring a 'cool down' period. Also, make Medium armor 25% immune to the Chaingun bullets and Heavy armor 75% immune. Let's put the word armor back into armor suit.

    Bring in new players and teach new players to skeet shoot by giving them tools for practice. Give each weapon an accurate Warthunder type aim reticle that does no damage. This gives them a better idea how the aiming works.

    Energy deficit problems: Give the light 25% less weight or something. I feel like in the light suit I have lead in my feet.

    Zoom is reset every time: Let me keep my zoom setting when I go back to normal FOV from zoom mode.
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  7. Whitewhale

    Whitewhale Instant Access

    While I am not super keen on different damage settings for different armours something needs to be done regarding bullets vs ho, unless u wear shield pack its a free lunch for defenders

    • Nerf (again) or remove turret screenshake, along with the size of the explosions so they don't block your vision."
    This for the love of god

    Jumpjet still needs work, getting off the ground feels really sluggish

    Mortar arc / model/ everything still needs work...projectile could be much smaller too
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  8. I don't really mean that more than I meant that armor should mean something. It bothered me when in tribes ascend I went as a heavy and I cannot tell you how many times I was taken out by a 9mm SMG - or worse - a pistol (which are supposed to be inherently inaccurate).

    What do you mean 'turret screen shake'? You mean when you get hit by turret bolt, your screen shakes about? I think it's more a problem that I don't get screen shake when I take damage from other players. It is difficult right now to know the condition of your player without spending valuable time looking at my health bar (that should be in near my aim reticle).

    I agree 100% on the jumpjet. It seems they focused too much on this ski-jump idea. Ski jumping is good for Harrier jump-jet flying off a carrier or enemies who seek to predict your location a few seconds from now. I would like more lateral and vertical acceleration going down and up hills. Maybe have a glide pack where wings made of energy are unfurled and allows the player to conserve energy while maneuver gliding?

    The blast of the mortar is probably 25% larger than it should be. I could half-halfheartedly aim the mortar in the general direction of an enemy 100m away and consistently blast them down to 1/4 health.
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  9. jti261

    jti261 Member

    Some things not really touched on.

    Anti flag capper tool- C4 grenade, cookable nades, instant throwable mines, Waypoints are possible examples.

    Usable only after invo to increase gen significance and coordinated capping.

    Flag/Base IFF- Very first hours of playing you get lost at times only seeing ( ) marking bases when flags away.

    Maybe a different identifier and display distance away from each base.

    Jump/skate- Not having the option to toggle between both with space bar limits players button options and jumping with spacebar is kinda routine.

    Id like to see the jump more powerful and useable with spacebar.

    Waypoints- Could be very helpful in the matchmaking system with new guys having cappers and positions identified for them.

    Just knowing certain people and the positions they play help me in simple pubs. Believe its important to find a role even on your first day of playing. Naturally having new guys resort to playing defense like lost puppies shouldn't be acceptable

    Midairs- For a game called midair and a feature so joyous when completed, it has been made still quite difficult.

    Maybe in the progression system you can have shot assist for new guys to get some instant feeling of the game until they reach a certain point in progression.

    Projectile Rocket launcher- Vehicles and base turrets run a muck without it.

    New Guy Maps- Bunch of jagged edges and precise routes on a lot of current maps.

    Maps with completely smooth terrain and hills for perfect mobility.

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  10. Fixious

    Fixious #1 Internet Sleuth

    There are already a ton of maps like this. Very few are jagged. A few exceptions would be SnowFall and maybe Aria-II. I wouldn't mind having one big map with hills similar to Rollercoaster or something in the tutorial for people to just ski around on endlessly to get a hang of things, perhaps with reduced/removed fall damage.
  11. SoundGuy

    SoundGuy Private Tester

    Isn't Abaddon similar (In Terrain) to Rollercoaster? My memory may be bad. Big hills and Valleys.
    Obviously not the base and stand. But the terrain seems similar (But it's sand)
  12. Nastyhobbit

    Nastyhobbit Moderator Staff Member

    similar features but by smooth terrain i think he means something like harvester.

    compared to...


    massive is probably the smoothest map i can think of in midair but i wouldn't mind seeing a couple more "ironed out" smaller LCTF maps either, for variety ;p
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  13. SoundGuy

    SoundGuy Private Tester

    You put pic of Elite (I think).

    I mentioned Abaddon because the terrain seems very similar to roller coaster that he mentioned.
  14. Fixious

    Fixious #1 Internet Sleuth

    Shape-wise they're similar, but Rollerocaster's hills are a lot lower and easier to gain speed with. Abaddon is just...blegh.
  15. SoundGuy

    SoundGuy Private Tester

    Yeah totally agree about Abaddon...Blegh.
  16. sajent

    sajent Alpha Access

    starting to get used to the feel of the game. my only major gripe atm would be the disc jump. it needs a boost. it's super hard to get around as a heavy with a shield pack without a proper disc jump.
  17. Kaprekar

    Kaprekar Alpha Access

    Here's my current biggest gripe that I've never seen posted anywhere. The game needs some kind of limit on how much input it'll recognize from the scroll wheel. Because of the type of mouse I have (not a weird off brand, just a Logitech,) using the scroll wheel can cause you to switch over multiple weapons, even cycle all the way through 5 weapons to the one I started on. It's sensitive enough I have to move the wheel as little as possible to avoid skipping over a weapon. Also, don't tell me to just use number keys instead, I'm fully aware that's an option, I'd rather have the game actually work properly.
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  18. SoundGuy

    SoundGuy Private Tester

    There are other threads too. I have the same problem. There is a technical explanation somewhere.

    Search "Mouse Wheel" on the forums and all the old posts will pop up.
    Somewhere in there is the "explanation".
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  19. Nastyhobbit

    Nastyhobbit Moderator Staff Member

    my current list, in no real order:
    • all - increase the distance for being able to see player shadows on ultra (currently ~20 metres - this is way under what we normally duel at)
    • all - quickvoice bind for VVS : Sorry
    • all - add skidding when you let go of space (skiing)
    • hud - 3 second indicator around players who say [VFG] Give me the flag, [VVH] Help, [VDR] Cover Me, and [VFF] I have the flag (for pub awareness)
    • fighter - tighter controls and less drift after a turn
    • stealth - invisibility augment should reveal player when they're firing
    • stealth - sniper rifle should only be available with a kinetic pack
    • turrets - increase the size of wall turret models so they're visible from the side
    • turrets - increase the allowed distance between deployable turrets
    • turrets - slight reduction to firing rate of deployable turrets
    • mines - server option to make mines indiscriminate (will harm anyone who steps on it)
    • mines - cap the number of mines a player can plant to ~7
    • engineer - server option to cap charge regen to 2 for all classes. 3rd charge only available from a base station
    • heavy - increase resistance to chaingun
    • mortar - option to add distance markers to mortar reticle
    • mortar - change reload animation so it lowers instead of raises (currently blocks your view)
    • mortar - reduce size of weapon model
    • vehicle - lower the belly turret camera and let the bombardier see wth is going on ;]
    • server - admin ability to change someones team or move to spectator
    • server - setting for displaying message of the day (MOTD) as you load maps
    • spectator mode - aim and click on player to follow
    • offline mode - ability to change armour and sides (minplayers: 1 currently ends the map after warmup)
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  20. SoundGuy

    SoundGuy Private Tester

    I have heard this a few times.

    Lets see how the "changes" (I believe they are coming?) to the chain gun affect this.
    If they go with "Heat Spread" at low speeds/strafing (and tight cone at high speeds for chasing).
    Bet this wont be the issue it is right now.

    Rest of your list is pretty darn good!
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