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Trello - Midair Top User Issues

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TylerMarket, Aug 27, 2017.

  1. chemdawg

    chemdawg Private Tester

    Solid list! Bravo sir...

    I would add that the invisibility augment needs to either 1. Make a faint sound that gets louder the closer the player gets to you, or 2. Make it so that wherever a motion sensor is placed, the player using stealth's silhouette is revealed. Currently the motion sensor just flashes red lights when there is an invisible player near it. This seems to be a HUGE issue atm for base play but I couldn't find anything on the main trello page. Someone can take over your base and endlessly kill you because it's impossible to find them.

    I'd like to see each individual augment look a specific way. For example in T2, an experienced player can recognize each pack instantly from across the base. Like an inventory station pack for instance, an HO can spot it, pick it up, and hopefully deploy an inv in their base before getting killed. Or when an LD is chasing and doesn't have time to hit an inv can spot an energy pack from a mile away and adjust their route to pick it up. Right now it's hard to tell the difference between them without walking up close and reading the label.

    Also I would love to see distance indicators for the base/flag carrier. (Please don't remove perma-IFFs on the flag carrier)

    That's all I can think of atm.
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  2. Pumpelche

    Pumpelche Instant Access

    I'd love to see more maps with really smooth terrain. I know, strong directional jetting as it exists now allows to also glide around 'smooth' on bumpy grounds - but most of the maps are very bumpy and if there's a smoother terrain, you usually glide for a second or two, three only and you have to adjust again. There are 1, 2 maps that allow constant smooth gliding, but it would be nice for smaller ones too. It's all for the love of speed and therefore additional airtime once you leap up from a hilltop.
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  3. Gorthaur

    Gorthaur Instant Access

    Yes, I believe one of the major issues newer players will have is dealing with the abundance of super bumpy maps and lack of carving. It is mentally draining having to think of every single little piece of terrain you are going to bounce off of just to get from point A to point B. Add in fighting people or trying to do some other task at the same time and I think most people will fail. There are too many choices when it is super bumpy. You want to get that sweet spot in possibility spaces between too smooth and boring and too bumpy. Enough choices to be meaningful but not so many as to be overwhelming. People only have so much mental bandwidth and I think they'd rather spend most of it on fighting. I think the problem is exacerbated in the heavier classes as well. Since the game has been mostly balanced for LCTF this is not surprising. Trying to play heavy on Howling Spires I find a pain in the ass. Verdant has a good amount of complexity, and Raindance from T:A is too smooth and boring.

    Did the jumpjet buffs get reverted or something? Jumping felt really powerful for a while but then went back to being not so good I feel. Still seeing new players have a hell of time getting up to the flag stand on Minora. Maybe it's beacuse of the "I can't jet off the ground if I'm sliding downhill" feature.
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  4. jti261

    jti261 Member

    The objective is obviously capture the flag, so maybe we could emphasize the flag play a little more? Crazy flag passes get people hyped up whether spectating, playing, or in montages. I'm hoping something can be done so you can aim and throw the flag more effectively.

    I also agree with the smooth terrain comments. A map where 4 or 5 cap routes are abundantly obvious and a new guy could come in and figure out within the first 5 minutes from watching others would still play well imo. People are basically using all the same routes now, why not just make those routes a little more obvious and less confusing for new guys.
    No point in making it so difficult for new guys if the top tier guys run all the same routes as others most of the time anyway. Even a large obvious launching pad that you could land and project yourself toward the enemy flag from in a hundred different ways is better than making 20 different bumps to launch yourself from. Makes so its confusing for new guys to learn at first and just more ways to ruin your momentum hitting the wrong bump. Help keep gameplay the way it should be, FAST.
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  5. widow

    widow Instant Access

    increase the allowed distance between mines
    cap the number of mines a player can plant to 3 (7... are you crazy?)
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  6. Pumpelche

    Pumpelche Instant Access

    I'm having a bit of a bad conscienceness asking this here, knowing full well what kind of workload you guys have. But still:

    Is there some redesign of the overall user interfaces planned? I like the concept of how it's usable and wouldn't change anything there, except the players list that should go as a matrix and if out of the game, to show more details for oneself. Right now, the whole user interace and also the default (home) mask of the game is very simple and misses a stunning graph-touch. Maybe there are concepts you'd like to show? I mean.. it's the first mask new players see, and it should make them think: Holy shit!!
  7. Dose

    Dose Alpha Access

    Midairs are easier in this than any tribes game before, I think it's great as is. Less disc splash on the ground imo.
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  8. jti261

    jti261 Member

    After 50-100hrs of game play the midairs feel fine. I was talking about the players that never played tribes and will never wait around for the feeling of a midair. I'm fine with it after 50+ hours but it was very frustrating to hit anything midair til then. That's why I wrote under that saying give new guys some sort of shot assist during progression system. New guys will probably need to be nurtured rather than isolated. Yes after a 150+ hours the midairs feel great and come often. I'm sure everyone has that kinda time to dedicate in a few weeks.
  9. Pumpelche

    Pumpelche Instant Access

    150+ hours is too much imo. I got out of patience shortly before 30 hours and I call myself a passionate Tribes player (T1 scored alone 2500+ hours roughly). New players will never spend so much time trying. Also, when it's not featured in any way and nothing fancy comes from it except the 'good feel' by having done it. Market this game with the message "You can midair your opponents with projectile weapons" will not tease hundreds of them to come play. It's the airborne action and the speed. The mind boggling brutality of a dogfight in the clouds - but yes, that would be featured better with a tough, rough, modern robo like game skinning rather than the comicy style. So I'm not getting tired of repeating it, even if some people cannot read it anymore:

    You gotta grab the players by their ego and trigger their voyeurism and drive to show off or ambition to achieve. You got to introduce some kind of ranking. And I'm still *scooting* sure that my idea of the championate system, rolling monthly, giving the leader in a ranking an own weapon trail/explosion color and former champs the same, would be frigging awesome and something everyone would strive for. And if someone finishes the month twice or more as the champion, he'd get a golden or black weapon trail/explosion whatever. Chilling pure and pure show off. And of course you gotta publish it on Social Medias all over (like Hearthstone did!!) and have an own dedicated microsite on to feature this. I offer it again: Let me put together some formulas for different kinds of Championates of different roles/classes/weapons and I'll happily do it.
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  10. Dose

    Dose Alpha Access

    Fair enough. I seemed to be able to hit them okay after a couple of hours. It's great!
    *also, most dudes playing are good at tribes, they know how to get out of the way/duel. new dudes playing against new dudes will be fine, I think.
  11. Jordan

    Jordan Community Manager Staff Member

    Yes, UI like a lot of things is a work-in-progress :)
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  12. dienasty

    dienasty Member

    first, i'm probably not qualified to comment since I've not actually played yet.. but past experience...
    1) Jump - would be nice if u could have some kind of hold to 'power up' (give different thrusts)
    2) turrets - limits on deploy is generally a server/map function. As far as their power (strength?) goes.. they need to be powerful enough to be useful. ( maybe less firepower damage, but stronger durability)
    3)Deploying .. always hated the 'planting' of things... should be able to toss and then self plant .
    4) Targeting. Laser is fun for shits and giggles. I'd prefer a Dart or if TL would heat up a location... so that you could target for yourself ( its fine for team play w/ bigger groups.. but usually it doesnt happen )

    A few of your suggestions really should be Game options. some players may like other may not ... players choice! (play your way)
    1) command screen.
    2)turrets - again they need to be worth putting out. Farming sucks, especially when the enemy can see everything u do super easy

    1) chaingun/ Armor - I assume 'armor' just applies to Health .. (because u can wear a shield pack for extra health/reduced damage) . And so the chaingun should be able to rip things up pretty good (the balance then is how the CG ramps up, overheats/cooldown, and /or projectile spreads) . The 'realism' of this game needs to be 2nd to what make for balanced/FUN gameplay.
    2)new player - not sure what WarThunder is
    3)energy /weight - don't want to be too floaty... (and this may go back to the jump just needs more thrust)
    4)zoom - as said above.. 'player options'

    1) mine/disc was great !
    2)Rocket Launcher - Vehicles really had no place in Tribes after skiing (unless there is a slow play version (ala original T2 or T1) ) but if they must be in game there should be a counter.
    3)maps - if ever map is smooth/ easy traversed ... that makes it a bit boring..
    4)waypoints /positions - In a perfect world , everyone would fill in positions as needed... but the 'play your way' .. people are going to gravitate towards sitting back on D (so sometimes in pubs "D" Vet players might need to go O once in a while)

    turrets/mines - placement , distance, and damage adjustments should all be about balance.
    Definitely need an offline practice mode.
  13. Kin3ticX

    Kin3ticX New Member

    Have had the game for 2 days, played for 3-4 hours.

    JJs felt like lead boots initially but I chalk that up to getting used to the different physics and handing of this game. Still not there.

    "Ring Launcher" has an incredibly slow velocity considering how FAST this game is. Maybe I can adjust to this but it feels like 10-20% slower than that certain gun which is a close relative. Mid air ring shots seem very hard to pull off but then again I havent played a FPS+Z product since 2012.

    Have not had a chance to play base more than 2 min yet because everyone votes LT. I dont mind LT but I think things are a couple notches on the fast side for normies.

    Now as a total noobie, take this with a grain of salt, but chasing feels pretty damn hard compared with Legions or T:A. Not sure if this is just me or the balance needs improvement. I still dont have the jets and handling down but these cap routes im seeing are crazy fast.
  14. ramses0

    ramses0 Member

    kinetic... that's not a bad first impression... some tips (from t2-era):

    * there is a "toggle skate" option, which basically zeros out your WASD when on the ground... IMHO it's "wrong" to not have WASD control when spacebar is pressed, but that's the way it is. If you are starting at the bottom of a hill with zero momentum you MUST release spacebar in order to get up the hill with WASD, or you MUST leave the ground w/ RMB and jets to gain momentum.

    * get to the top of a hill, hold spacebar, and don't touch anything else... just watch yourself roll around like a marble.

    * there is a "boost" pack which can help you go even faster, but usually it's disc-jumps into low, flat, fast routes rumbling over hills, or swoop to reaaaallly high up routes, then swooping down and coming out at 90 degrees parallel to the ground, headed towards the flag

    * fly UP UP UP UP and look down for "rough / rocky" terrain to swoop down into

    * There's been dev-talk of missile launcher and "warden" (aka: ELF) which is probably coming soon
  15. Hawk

    Hawk Instant Access

    I would like a colorblind mode. It is hard to distinguish between the current shades of red and green. Perhaps friendly team indicators could be blue instead.
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  16. Wildefyr

    Wildefyr Instant Access

    Blue for friendlies and red for enemies is a much better default.
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  17. ramses0

    ramses0 Member

    Except for the whole red v blue palettes for teams now. Yellow and blue then? IFF color pickers?
  18. Zulu

    Zulu Instant Access

    Have not tried in a few months..but the vehicle physics were very bad. Understand it was alpha - but it was clear literally zero attention was paid to that, plus usability. T2 did good. TA - f'd it up thanks to Icewinds....super weak now.

    Ice rages when running over...."skilless" you are "god". I beg to differ - great piloting is a benefit to the team and not easily mastered. Make it good, but make it hard.
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  19. T1Zammy

    T1Zammy Alpha Access

    Would it be possible to add how long a MA is?
    For example if a MA is a kill a text at the bottom of the screen would be displayed including how long the projectile traveled. We had it in T1 and was a cool feature I miss personally obviously its not required but might be a cool thing to add, for the little coding required.
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  20. Redeye

    Redeye Alpha Access

    -jump/skii button (i.e. t2)
    -wierd let go of "w" while skiing to get speed ?
    -depth perception can still be tough, are they on the hill or floating in front of it? (shadows, more terrain detail, idk solution)
    -reload mechanics with ring launcher/hand nades(hand nades should not be tied to weapon reload or fire times, also ring laucher should reload when put away, very frustrating to pull out ring launcher for a shot and have it reload.)
    -limit view distance ? cappers can be seen when setting up even at the edge of the map