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Who Here Played T1/T2?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gryp, Jun 4, 2016.

  1. Gryp

    Gryp Instant Access

    Looking for old T1/T2 players. Announce yourselves!
  2. EC_Lee

    EC_Lee Instant Access

    Me you fool!! I'm so old! Started in T1! :p
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  3. cue32

    cue32 New Member

    Played T2 like an addict. Mostly on Houston/Miami Vehicles servers.
    I also tried T1 a bit years later but not for very long. I wish I could have tried it when it was new.
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  4. WitchDoctor

    WitchDoctor Instant Access

    T1 from about 2000-2004, but definitely super active in Meltdown/Shifter/Renegades from 2001-2003
    Was in w00 and GL
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  5. MastroLindo

    MastroLindo Instant Access

    t1 from 99, t2classic from around 2002,2003
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  6. Crackerjacker64

    Crackerjacker64 Instant Access

    Played t1, Inxomniax mod for about a year before t2 released. Then on to it, until it basically fell apart.
    Went by Deathspawn! in both.
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  7. Timezown

    Timezown New Member

    Briefly played T1 after i won it in a contest in germany. At the time i had no idea what the game was. I remember trying to beat the damn jet pack tutorial that made you fly onto some platforms - It was too hard for me so I uninstalled and then came back to the game later haha.

    I played a ton of T2

    later on I played even more t2 construction mod under the name Acroma
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  8. LlamaTurtle

    LlamaTurtle Instant Access

    some t1, mostly t2
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  9. pyrogunx

    pyrogunx Instant Access

    Played T1 from about 99 to ~04 about as competitively as you could at the time (OGL, LAN tourneys, etc). Most of my time was spent in Shifter. But did also compete in Ren2k and some of the other more base oriented mods.

    Played T2 for probably 6 months but stopped before T2c started saving it (I think it was).

    Went by this name with a smalls stint as LiquidSnake (forget why).
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  10. Siberian

    Siberian Instant Access

    T1 from beta spread via cds at LANparties.

    then throu all the Tribes games up to but not including legions

    but T1 base/CTF def. was my one true love.

    the pure essence of its base gameplay without mods was simply never topped

    played under the name IFOS. back then....
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  11. Whitewhale

    Whitewhale Instant Access

    T1 comp , t2 comp, legions and LT pug player , TA comp

    King of tribe
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  12. tyrent

    tyrent Instant Access

    I've dabbled in all of them.
  13. SeymourGore

    SeymourGore #1 Stinkiest NA

    Got T1 and a PC to run it for my 16th birthday, and played it quite extensively until T2C (only dabbled with T2 base).

    Kamikaze Vipers and Def Rangers were my T1 and T2 clans. Smurfed under numerous aliases (most I can't remember).
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  14. Master-Mind

    Master-Mind Instant Access

    Lol no way Seymour, I was also with Kamikaze Vipers for T1. Played as Dark Mage I believe.

    Played tons of T1/T2, my favorite games of all time. Hoping Midair carries the torch as the new ultimate FPS-Z and from what I've seen of the devs I think we may indeed have it
  15. SeymourGore

    SeymourGore #1 Stinkiest NA

    That's crazy. I don't recall a 'Dark Mage', but I do remember a 'Dark Entity'. I know they started out at a T1 demo clan (two Aussies started it), became a T1 base clan and then when I left were a T1 Anni clan.
  16. Master-Mind

    Master-Mind Instant Access

    Ehh maybe, was so long ago. Main names I remember were Eclipse and Dragon

    Perhaps we shall establish the new KV for MA
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  17. SeymourGore

    SeymourGore #1 Stinkiest NA

    Yar, the Brazilians. ComMat was the other Brazilian. Dark-Entity was from New York (iirc).

    Other names I remember: Gerudo and Kasuto (both are PS4 CoD players now), Raven, Prophet, Hadron (he was here a few weeks ago), Gank, Gravedigger, Oppressive IRS, Ballixxe (I'm surprised he hasn't shown up yet), Marz, Laris, MasterAce was KV for a while (iirc), FireAnt (I can't remember his KV name), Arch-Vile (texan with an attractive cousin) - there's more but I'm starting to ramble now.

    It'd be nice to see KV reemerge, however Seymour's heart is currently with the Void Engineers. Ol' ByTor is lurking about and would give Seymour a lickin' if he heard such talks.

    Also, if anyone is in contact with old <CgS> Pessimistic (Pes, for short), get in touch with him to bring back Hammerzone and that duel server he used to host. Seymour spent many a peaceful evening lurking in those servers.
  18. Fray

    Fray Instant Access

    Played both. Played T1 way more though

    I remember MasterAce. Really cool dude. Also, I was in <CgS>via T1 demo. Pes passed away years ago. May he rest in peace. Some of the best times I've ever had in Starsiege: Tribes was being an absolute noob on T1 demo, trying to get into <CgS>. They were definitely the clan to join at that point. Much respect.
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  19. SeymourGore

    SeymourGore #1 Stinkiest NA

    Yeah, he was. I might be getting him confused with Stinkfist, but I'm fairly positive MasterAce was with KV. It might've just been a match or two.

    Yar, sorry to hear that Pes died. My last days in T1 I spent with Pes in his duel server under the alias of 'Pan'.

    And cool to hear you were part of <CgS>, they were easily one of the most respected T1 demo clans. Not like those damned (Ch0c0)s, who were always mean and bullying to Seymour.
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  20. Fray

    Fray Instant Access

    Pes was an awesome guy and did a great job at leading a Tribes clan. I learned the fundamentals and had my first real duels with <CgS> peeps. Talk about paying your dues with 15fps, lowest software mode and 350 ping. They definitely were. Choco dudes were definitely skilled though, as well as =ND= in the later days. Aside from <CgS>, I would have to say that I always strived to be in [ANGEL]. They were top top tier, for what T1 demo was at that time.

    I learned the core mechanics of FPSZ, from dueling people. I think it's instrumental to have have duel mode, so new players can learn, at a basic combat level. This is the main reason I will be voting on Duel Mode.
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