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Who Here Played T1/T2?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gryp, Jun 4, 2016.

  1. Swordfish

    Swordfish Private Tester

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  2. DÆMAN

    DÆMAN Alpha Access

    I played those games! Badly, too! I was probably something stupid in t1 like Grim_Reaper, and in T2 I liked to go by Ozymandias.
  3. {ZORN}Angel[Jan]

    {ZORN}Angel[Jan] New Member

    ZORN checking in ;)
  4. Tippecanoe

    Tippecanoe Alpha Access

    A little t1 at the tail end, then i played t2 from 2001 - 2004ish. I was in several different tribes that competed on TWL, most notably the Ministry or the Mature Asskickers. Name was Rancer. looking forward to finally playing a game that seems similar to the GOAT (t2)
  5. Kapeket

    Kapeket New Member

    SJ and CO clans in Shifter. HomeLAN as well.

    First saw the game at GDC in 98 in the Dynamix / Sierra travel game van. Bought it the next day along with Starseige.

    Tribes was and may still be the best game ever made:

    1. Last to not require a key to play
    2. Low system requirements even in that day.
    3. Last to use Glide (3dfx).
    4. Best balance of any game. Ever.
    5. Unlimited terrains.
    6. Mods and maps! Never been equalled.
    7. Second only to Counterstrike for server and bandwidth usage.
  6. Skipp3r

    Skipp3r New Member

    MissDyke69(oYo), Lethalx2, Mr.Shiznit, {MOI}TruSoljah
  7. S_hift

    S_hift Alpha Access

    T1 player 2008-present(sorta) T2 sucked a bang of dongos midair feels like a mix of T1 and unreal tournament.