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Who Here Played T1/T2?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gryp, Jun 4, 2016.

  1. Swordfish

    Swordfish Event Coordinator Staff Member

    nice avatar
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  2. DÆMAN

    DÆMAN Private Tester

    I played those games! Badly, too! I was probably something stupid in t1 like Grim_Reaper, and in T2 I liked to go by Ozymandias.
  3. {ZORN}Angel[Jan]

    {ZORN}Angel[Jan] New Member

    ZORN checking in ;)
  4. chemdawg

    chemdawg Private Tester

    A little t1 at the tail end, then i played t2 from 2001 - 2004ish. I was in several different tribes that competed on TWL, most notably the Ministry or the Mature Asskickers. Name was Rancer. looking forward to finally playing a game that seems similar to the GOAT (t2)
  5. Kapeket

    Kapeket New Member

    SJ and CO clans in Shifter. HomeLAN as well.

    First saw the game at GDC in 98 in the Dynamix / Sierra travel game van. Bought it the next day along with Starseige.

    Tribes was and may still be the best game ever made:

    1. Last to not require a key to play
    2. Low system requirements even in that day.
    3. Last to use Glide (3dfx).
    4. Best balance of any game. Ever.
    5. Unlimited terrains.
    6. Mods and maps! Never been equalled.
    7. Second only to Counterstrike for server and bandwidth usage.
  6. Skipp3r

    Skipp3r New Member

    MissDyke69(oYo), Lethalx2, Mr.Shiznit, {MOI}TruSoljah
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  7. S_hift

    S_hift Alpha Access

    T1 player 2008-present(sorta) T2 sucked a bang of dongos midair feels like a mix of T1 and unreal tournament.
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  8. Lil'Kitten

    Lil'Kitten New Member

    No matter how much time passes... the Tribes memories still manage to nag at me :)

    Game: Tribes 1 - Shifter Mod primarily (The best!)
    Handle: Lil'Kitten
    Role: Sniper - Dread Defense - Scout - Engi D* (Don't think I did this during competitive matches)
    Clan(s): EDEN, Kindred, Freelancers, Ultra Force Raiders, DoT... might be missing 1 or 2, shazbot!

    I haven't managed to keep in touch with any of my friends and former clanmates, but maybe some of them are following this game that I just found out about today too! Hopefully it turns out well, I look forward to giving it a go!
  9. daltwisney

    daltwisney Alpha Access

    T1 base CTF: Led =BL= for a long time. Played competitively on OGL, then TW.
    Think I remember a few people here (Definitely ByTor)

    T2 CTF: Tried hard to transition =BL= over, ended up joining SES a few months in.

    Then life caught up to me (working 80 hour weeks) and hasn't let go. Midair looks promising, hope it succeeds. I might even find time to play :)

    I wish I could remember more people's names, but I'm an old fart... and they say that memory is the first....umm what was I talking about again?

    I do remember Imperial Rage, Candyman, and I had a GreenHornet play for =BL= later in T1.

    always been daltwisney
  10. -A3-

    -A3- New Member

    T2 on Oceania TWL. Played for a team/clan named Ohm|. Made an Au/NZ team on the US TWL classic ladder named bittah... Even got to challenge Rapture :p lol, co/so from them of course...however we humiliated some top ten teams haha. Goodtimes :) Much love for those days. Played some TA from Beijing on the Japanese servers...lawl. Played under the nicks -A3-, RanXeroX-, Cockwallet and a few others I can't remember :p Hi to old friends. See you on Mid air I hope :) I played Starseige, legends and even TV too...Never tried Legions... but meh. Just bought a rig to play lets do this.
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  11. Eradicator

    Eradicator Alpha Access

    Hey :)

    Played T1 and T2 in Aus, always used some form of Eradicator for my name (alternating caps in the T1 days because that was cool..), Erad/Erad- in the T2 days. Played for AE. as well as HA|OF (if i remember right, that was the tag)

    Was a fan of T1, but absolutely loved T2, am really hoping Midair brings some of that glory back - watching the vids on it is making me nostalgic, so have just purchased the Alpha supporter pack. Waiting to get my key, hopefully catch some of the old group in game :)
  12. RedSpider

    RedSpider Instant Access

    This might help... Player list is the final ~30 seconds.

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  13. daltwisney

    daltwisney Alpha Access

    Ahhh...memories..... This is old-old school, back with the original leader of =BL=.

    No cap routes, lousy skiing skills, primitive HO. Made me smile more than I have in a long while.....
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  14. ColonelBlair

    ColonelBlair Member

    T1 - I mostly stuck in the Optus Insomniax mod server, loved it. Played with Aw and BIA for the most part.
    T2 - Started in a powerhouse team (iM) then when they folded moved to AvA pretty much until they dropped off the ladder as the competition was dying. Was also part of the Tribes 2 World Championship team for Australia.
    T:V - Joined a reformed iM and we pretty much smashed everyone.. including the developers. We didn't stick around too long though as the game had way too few maps & wasn't appealing for a lot of people. A lot of us moved back to pug T2.
    T:A - Played with T2ITB (Tribes 2 Is The Best) with a bunch of grizzled vets who had no time to practice... or even much time to pug/pub really. I think from our whole roster only one player might've cracked the 40s in rank.

    Looking forward to seeing what Midair can bring. Have played a few pubs now and am about to play in the Bittah 5s LT tournament. Looking good so far.
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  15. Future

    Future Alpha Access

    no t1, but i played t2 from 2002-2008.

    played arena with Ck as Jade, and played classic ctf under various names such as Future, Level 1 (copied level 3 on that one lol), Suck my Disk, there was way more names that might be recognizable but i was about 12-13 years old when i started so i changed my name literally every few days.

    if anyone out there remembers me give me a holler! i'm trying to git gud at this game and it would be cool to see some old faces.
  16. br0peth

    br0peth Alpha Access


    Long time fan of Tribes. Been playing off and on since 1999 with Starsiege and started to play competitively with T2. Handed $50 to the development of this game today and waiting for the email. Please finish this :)
    Its nice to see some of the names here. People I have been reading about for long time.

    steam - br0peth
    T:A - LordOpeth
    T:V - DrBungle
    T2 - MrBungle
    T1 - patton
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  17. sajent

    sajent Alpha Access

    Started with T2 base then moved onto base ++ and Classic.

    Most notable competitive team that I was apart of was Team Zoo.
  18. Homerpf

    Homerpf New Member

    Pretty cool reading through the thread and seeing a bunch of names I haven't thought about in years. Bunch of good memories from tribes
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  19. GeneralLeeFYU

    GeneralLeeFYU Alpha Access

    started demo t2(2001), then to actual t2(2002-21012 sorta), then tried t1(somewhere in there), tried t:v(won't mention it), onto t:a(really fixed the need) can't wait til augaust
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  20. 0wnj0o

    0wnj0o New Member

    Homer you used to give me the most trouble in rabbit and ctf years ago in the 5150 server. Only 4 people I remember that pushed me, crackpipemidget, slam, WOPPER and you. Guitar guy was pretty good at rabbit also. Sadly I was banned from competing in drafts a few years ago due to packet loss issues caused by a bad connection. Hoping I have better luck with Midair.