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Who Here Played T1/T2?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gryp, Jun 4, 2016.

  1. Krayvok

    Krayvok Alpha Access

  2. -A3-

    -A3- New Member

    :D Hi Homer. Hope to see you playing MA. This guy was one of the best.
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  3. LM SpydeR

    LM SpydeR Instant Access

  4. heartbreaker

    heartbreaker New Member

    Still have my original T1 and T2 CDs in storage, though the T2 one is useless because the CD key is tied to an account I can't remember.

    Favorite part of the T1 CD when I was growing up was the music played on maps when you had the CD in :D
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  5. Gerudo

    Gerudo New Member

    Oh dang I do a Google search for Kamikaze Vipers and who do I find still lurking around, probably holding on to that flag you never captured. KV|Gerudo^ T1 here, I played Tribes for years and it is my all time favorite game. My special move was throwing all my ammo at a person during a duel, to freak them out and get a second of distraction. I was also a beast with the targeting laser, when I didn't leave it at home.
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  6. Practor

    Practor New Member

    Yep played 1 and 2. 2 took over my life and cost me a fortune. Now I'm back Bahhhh Haaaa Haaaa
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  7. Frosted

    Frosted New Member

    I played t1 base and shifter, t2 base and classic, t:v not played much wasnt a fan, legion played on instantaction and on the stand alone version the dev here made, played T:A, now im playing Midair and enjoying it.
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  8. Rudy

    Rudy New Member

    T1 was my all-time favorite game ... especially LT & TR maps. I started playing T1 back in 1999 and continued to play on/off until about 2008. Swordfish tracked me down recently to inform me about MA. I'm looking forward to its release.
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  9. Swordfish

    Swordfish Event Coordinator Staff Member

    :wave: Good to see you!
  10. Zaphanathpaneah

    Zaphanathpaneah New Member

    I know it's almost been a year since you posted this, but I gotta say Howdy! to Logroller! :D This is Hole.

    I played T1 as Hole in clan ChT, and T2 a bit as well. I was in another clan too and for the life of me, I cannot remember what it was! I can't believe it's been so long ago...

    I was pretty active on the official Tribes forum and on Tribalwar as well. Spent many many hours on the forums, in game, and on mIRC...probably too many, haha.

    Midair footage really gets the memories flowing again. Looks like a ton of fun, good job developers!

    EDIT: Was reading through the other posts on this thread and saw an old teammate from the clan I couldn't remember. It was Dragon Talon Mercenaries [DTM]. How'd I forget that?
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  11. Krayvok

    Krayvok Alpha Access

    T1 & T2 & TV
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  12. jti261

    jti261 Member

    FrOsTbItE T2 only

    Clans were Who Rocks, On hells crusade, mafia, etc etc

    God I hope this game gets somewhere. This kinda game is so revolutionary and creates the first legit virtual team sport. I really hope the creators focused on bringing the community back together again with IRC and make clans and competition important again. Creating relationships and team play is what I really believe drives this kinda game to keep living on.
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  13. Pika-boo

    Pika-boo New Member

    I played a ton of t1. Mostly arena as(Deimos/$uperman) then i played LT after arena died as (Danky/Pikaboo).
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  14. TehG00SE

    TehG00SE New Member

    T1 since Demo, Played competitive on OGL and TWL, Miles O, ASK, Ministry, worked a little with WSBN. I would have to dig up recordings for others ><

    I hope to see this game go far!!! =)
  15. TwistediiIi

    TwistediiIi New Member

    I plated Tribes 2 as Twisted53 and later Twisted~. Used to fly shrikes a lot and stomp pubs with my friends pr0ximus- and martha focker. Was in Team Revenant while they were #1 on the OGL ladder for two weeks before being knocked out by +GoD+.

    If anyone remembers me we should link up in MA and stomp some pubs!

    Has anyone seen pr0ximus, martha focker, wildcard, mais, angelofdeath? I tried searching forum names... :(
  16. 0wnj0o

    0wnj0o New Member

    Oh wow I remember a lot of you guys, we have some good players coming back to the game.
  17. HailtotheQueen

    HailtotheQueen New Member

    I played T1 (Abusive, Holy, ReZ, Wolfpacc, Redclaw, etc..) , T2 (very briefly as part of Estrogen), TV (PT, FTM, etc...) and Tribes Ascend. Most probably remember me as the infamous Vixy or ViXeN from when I terrorized the servers and feuded with various assholes from the community. lol I played TA a little bit until the devs seemed like they were letting it die. Then I moved on to a pretty awesome game called Planestide 2 for a couple of years. After that I tried playing a few other games like Overwatch but lost interest. I haven't really played anything competitively since I left Planetside 2 so I'm looking forward to seeing if I still have it. ;O)
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  18. ColonelBlair

    ColonelBlair Member

    For those after some old school Tribes reminiscing... my channel is continuing to grow with more converted demos:

    I've recently added a bunch of old Tribes 1 recordings including a few from the first Tribes World Championship. The Australia vs Canada Midnight Mayhem recording is sync'd with the shoutcast as well.
    Also got hundreds of T2 recordings done, a bunch from the Tribes 2 World Championships and some other tournaments.
    If anyone is after a specific T2 recording from a TWL match I MAY be able to accomodate (although I have quite a few on the backlog already).

    I list all the players names in the video descriptions so if you're wondering if you might be in any that I've converted do a search for your in game username and you might just find something :)

    Hoping to add a lot more Midair content once the competition gets underway post-release. Got a bunch on there already from PUGs and the Bittah 9s comp (including a few customised highlight reels).
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  19. Dose

    Dose Alpha Access

    T1, T:V and T:A for me.

    T1 I was a HPB with a terrible computer, played for =Aw= Aspect warriors and ]I[ Immortals in base after starting out on Insomniax servers. I was very part time but loved the game.
    Missed T2 as I was too busy partying and playing sport, really regret missing out on that!
    T:V I played LD Chase for [EL] Eternally Lost, an old T1 clan, we played in the AUS ladder until that ended in late 2005/early 2006 and were always up near the top.
    T:A I joined |SpS| Spectres and played LD again, another T1 clan, we played on Gameshrine and were always around the top 3-4 teams.

    Really hoping midair gets off the ground, I've been pugging a fair bit in NA as the Aus scene is dead. Fingers crossed!
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  20. Focus

    Focus New Member

    Wow.... some old faces here.
    I played a bit of T1, but mainly T2 and some T:V.
    I was mainly c6/RT back in the day with some others here and there.
    *waves* at Gryp, Julius, Homerpf and any others I may be lurking.
    Just found this game today so hope to see you all on.
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