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Who Here Played T1/T2?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gryp, Jun 4, 2016.

  1. oahra

    oahra New Member

    T1 as Buschi and later switch name to oahra.
    Tribes 1 was my game and still have it on board. Never gonna delete it for sure.
  2. HautSoss

    HautSoss New Member

    I never played any of the two. ☻☻☻
  3. HautSoss

    HautSoss New Member

    So I got the new macbook I'm. 2 of a gig close to the big boy. I'm lazy so let's play ball.
  4. Nevares

    Nevares Instant Access

    Played t2 and beat the game. Retired young.
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  5. HautSoss

    HautSoss New Member

    You don't wanna lace up and beat this one real quick? Esskettit Julian.
  6. Arrow

    Arrow New Member

    I was xMajek. I played as quite a few aliases on Tribes 2 and I played for (T)-Arena. I wonder if TiberiusKhan or WB is lurking around these parts or if any of the AC (Ahriman Corps) people are still around like FlyingElmo or Ck-Slver or WB

    God all of the old memories from good old Tribes 2 Arena. I miss those days.
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  7. LocutusH

    LocutusH New Member

    I was a huge fan of tribes1, from 1998 on for years.
    Tribes2 not so much, because i mainly played renegades mod in T1. With all the deployables, and strategies, it's still my favorite open world fps of all time.
    I just got too old now, to keep up with the speed of aerial fights :) But i still hope, that Midair's deployables and maps will grant enough fun for me too.
  8. Perp

    Perp New Member

    Played Tribes 2 religiously for a long time- "Perp" from Lock and Load. aka "DarthRoach"... Tried and hated Tribes:Ascend, this looks so much more promising!!! I wonder if we can get the old clans back together again?
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  9. KindaGamey

    KindaGamey Instant Access

    Ooh I wonder what "too old" is for dueling! (You don't have to answer.)
    I'm about to turn 45. I can still chuck a disc on occasion.
  10. Superfat

    Superfat New Member

    Tribes 1 back in the day. Played as Doc*. Was a warrior of the }:{RA}:{ (Rogue Assassins) in the Meltdown 3.3 mod. Made my way up to co-leader. Leader left, I took over. When Meltdown took a hit I moved to Tribes RPG under the name Superfat. Became a mod hoarder and befriended many mod makers and learned to code through them. I am still active on T1 on the TRPG servers through _bugs master server. Looking to get my hands on the rights to the game to release it on steam and resurrect it. Far fetched I know. With all the retro gaming going on, I feel like T1 could make a comeback. I still have all my mods and it would be nothing but wonderful to see the game come back. Been playing since early 2000's and still continue to do so.
  11. fluxx

    fluxx New Member

    Dabbled in T1 but never got hooked really until Tribes 2. Played under same name most of the time, only in pubs. Wish I had played in the comps back then but live and learn. It was still a blast. Played in one tourney during T2Next when people still played. (I know there is usually a 2-3 person LakRabbit game going and I join on occasion now.)

    Played Vengence for about a week, didn't like it and went back to T2.

    Then Ascend, played that during beta and up until about the time the big inheritance patches starting rolling out.

    Haven't played since but now with Midair (which I backed on kickstarter), I missed out on closed beta but happy to play an FPSz again.